Monday, June 18, 2018

Rituals product review

When I found out that Tryazon wanted people to try the Ritual of Sakura beauty box they had me at the words "relax with ____" I applied a few days before the start of summer when the WHOLE family is home for three months. While I love this time, I also know there is not much relaxation. 
I was given a foaming shower gel, a shower gel oil, rice scrub, and a body cream. I loved the foaming shower gel and enjoyed using it is a shaving gel, it did a great job of making me feel like I covered my entire body with cleanliness and all the products have a pleasant scent. I enjoyed using the scrub on my knees and elbows- I don't typically use a scrub at this time of year because I like my tan to last! Which brings me to the shower oil. It tells me that with use of the oil my tan can last 4-6 weeks longer. Um YES! I will be saving this for August so that I can stay darker longer. I really enjoyed this box and how it was supposed to be a relaxing box. The price is right for those who want to give it as a gift $25 for the set. I thought that was very affordable for a piece of comfort and relaxation in my own home. 

Thank you Rituals and Tryazon for my free sample of your product. All the words listed here are my own. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lays Kettle Cooked Chips Review

Summer is crazy at our house- all six of us home for almost three months, this means a lot of meals are needed. We go through food so fast- and chips are a staple at our house because we eat lunches of sandwiches, chips, fruit, and yogurt on most days. It was fun to get to try the Lays Kettle Cooked chips for free from MyMagazine Sharing. I was a bit disappointed since the flavor we were given was original because I just don't like original potato chips however my kiddos ate these up in a hurry. I do love the Lays brand and have the kettle chips re fun to eat because they have the added crunch I also like how the chips actually look like thinly sliced potatoes. Thank you My Magazine Sharing for the free sample I received all the words here are my own.  

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Goddess Garden Sunscreen #Review

Summer is upon us! Here in Kansas we went straight from winter to summer somewhere missing out on spring so I have seen a lot of people with sunburns. OUCH! As a family who spends so much time outside sunscreen is an important part of our life so when I saw there was a chance to host a sunscreen party I knew we had to take part. Goddess Garden was created by parents that had sensitive skin this sunscreen also doesn't harm the coral reef which is super cool but probably won't help most of us in Kansas :) The product does a great job of keeping people from getting burnt. The one thing I had to learn was that this was different than most sunscreens in how it is applied. It can leave a white film on you if you are not careful. People with darker skin need to use the green tubes- which I didn't know until too late for a few people. I like the variety of products involved- facial, moisturizer with SPF, zinc sticks and more. Thank you Goddess Garden and Tryazon for sending me this product to share with my friends and family. For some reason one of the sunscreens I received separated- I contacted the company on FB and they sent me their 800 number I talked to Tyler for about a minute and he is sending me a new product in the mail I thought the customer service was stellar!  

I received a free sample for my review all the words here are my own. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

April Freebies and Giveaway winnings

I may edit this yet and add a prize but for now I am just glad I got to the end of April before June started. I am not able to keep up anymore and I am not making a lot of money because I just don't have time which is fine I fit it in when I can. This month the big new one is They give you points for surveys, polls, shopping, It takes awhile to cash out but I have been spending about five extra minutes a day on the site now and it is really helping my points to add up. TMBI is a site I haven't figured out if I like yet- you get points each month and the top 50 people who interact with the site get a $10 gift card. Somehow I got on with them since I get the Taste of Home magazine. I may or may not make that part of my future plans! For now they are staying. 

C+R Research
April 6th $1 Amazon gift code

Apri 9th $5 Amazon gift Code

Mom’s Meet
April 24th over 250 Mum Mums and 15 coupons to hand out to my friends- plus a roll up water bottle.
April 10th $50 Red Robin Gift Card

April 19th $10 Amazon Gift Card

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Oh how the mighty of fallen March freebies and Giveaway!

I am not going to lie- I had one month where I was caught up and now I am once again over 500 emails behind. It seems to just happen at one time if I don't stay on top of it so we will just go with it for awhile and see what happens. I have started babysitting for the next six weeks and have four weeks of half marathon training left so it is looking like I will NOT find anytime to catch up in the near future. I did get some awesome things in the month of March. 20/20 research only sends about 2-3 emails a month and your chances of qualifying are like very slim but when they pay out they pay OUT. I got one this past month and so did my mom. Usually they happen over a few days and then you get paid really well. I would for sure add this one to your list because it won't clog up your emails and if you don't fit the criteria they will put you out of that survey super fast. I am also not going to lie I got a lot more magazines than this I have done a very bad job of keeping track of things this year. This month's giveaway I have one that has to be for a person that lives where I can give it to them and a few that I will MAIL! I know I haven't had good coupons for awhile to mail. Look at these prize packs! Three can be mailed and three will have to be able to be picked up. I will contact each winner in order to see what prize they want until I have given away all six prizes. Each coupon pack comes with 1 free kikkoman product coupon plus a few others that are cents off coupons to Dillons/Kroger. These last ones expire NEXT Saturday so I will do my best to pick my winners and get these in the mail Monday!

20/20 Panel
March 21st $50 Amazon gift code
$100 Visa gift card
 C+R Research
March 20th $2 Amazon credit
 Coke Rewards
March 20th  $5 Target Gift card
March 5th $5 Amazon gift code
March 18th $5 Amazon Gift code
 Daily Goodie Box
March 8th snack mix, ginger chews, two face moisturizers, spot remover, hydralyte tablets, caffeine mints, coconut oil, herbal tea. 

  • 1, $25 AMEX Gift Card
    • 11 Coupons for a Free Kikkoman Product
    • 11 Kikkoman Aprons
    • 11 Recipe Booklets
    • 18 assorted washable markers for all kids to share

    Family Circle April
    Family Fun April/May
    Golf Digest April
    Parents April
    Runner’s World April
    Woman’s Day April
     Mucinex Insider
    March 6th A mucus doll, bag and a free product coupon
     MyMagazine Sharing Network
    March 8th free 12 K-pods of coffee, a coupon for free icecream and 19 other cents off coupons.
    March 28th Free coupon for Smart made frozen dinne, Devour Frozen dinner, Marie Callender's frozen dinner, and Farm Rich frozen product 
    March 12th $50 PayPal
     Opinion Outpost
    March 16th $20.00 paypal
    March 2nd $10 Olive Garden gift card
    March 6th Captain Crunch stocking cap

    Ripple Greek Yogurt Alternative Review

    I have tried Ripple products in the past, their pea plant milk alternative and also their creamer when I was on a Keto diet and couldn't have dairy products. So I was excited to get to try their new Greek Yogurt, with a free product coupon from MyMagazine Sharing. I chose Maple flavor and it had a very good front taste, the after taste threw me off for the first few bites but it ended up being very yummy. The texture of the yogurt was super smooth and it had a great feel in my mouth. I only wished I would have gotten a different flavor- while I enjoyed the maple I have never had another brand's maple flavored yogurt so I feel I wasn't quite able to compare it as I would have been if I would have gotten say blueberry. All in all it was good and I will buy it again when I have some more coupons.
    Thank you My Magazine Sharing and Ripple for the free product coupon. All the words here are my own.

    Monday, April 16, 2018

    AFFAGATO?! Review

    So if you are like me you have never heard of the word Affagato before- until about a month ago I hadn't heard it either, but that all changed when MyMagazine Sharing Network sent me some free K-pods and free ice cream coupons to try this product out for myself. Now when you say ice cream and coffee together my interest is already peaked so I was excited to get to try it. It is a lot like a coffee float. To make it was simple put a scoop of ice cream in a mug and then have your Keurig make coffee into that mug- top with some whipped cream and some chocolate syrup and sip and enjoy. I really did enjoy it and will probably be making it again. Enjoy the pictures
    I received free product and samples in exchange for my review. All the words here are my own.
    sharing some with my mom!