Wednesday, February 14, 2018

January Freebies and Survey compensation and GIVEAWAY!!

Here it is only halfway through the month of February and I am ready to talk about January! I know it's a miracle! Last year I was so far behind a survey site said I put one of their messages in my spam folder (thank you hotmail for putting an email address I had gotten emails from for the PAST TEN years in the spam) but somehow the company detected it. They sent me an email and said I had 45 days to respond or they were going to close my account. Unfortunately I was so far behind I never saw this email. I tried to get my points back but they were serious they said sorry we can start you over at ZERO points. I do feel sometimes way overwhelmed by my emails and since this happened and I decided not to rejoin, I have actually been able to catch up quite a bit (down from 1200 emails to 230) So here are my freebies for this month and since I am so caught up I have two free gifts to share with my readers. One is a bar of Dove soap and the other is a glass coffee mug that I won from a twitter party (pictures will be at the end of the email. I must be able to hand deliver the prize to you so please only enter if you live in Kansas or know you will see me soon. This month I won a sweepstakes from a company I have entered for a very long time. I never thought I would win (some of their prizes are $25,000- I won a small prize but still super fun. It was a $100 overstock gift card! Remember to go all the way to the bottom to enter the prize giveaway. I also won a chance to try a new food program from It has been a hard journey I have never dieted before in my life- it has been a little easier since I was able to give a box of food to two of my friends. TWO more weeks of this :)

Better Homes and Garden Sweepstake
Jan 7th $100 Overstock giftcard

C+R Research
Jan 20th $1 amazon credit
Jan 26th $1 amazon credit

C-Space Twitter Insider
Jan 10th $5 amazon gift card

Coke Rewards
Jan 17th Free 8X11 Shutterfly book code

Jan 20th $5 Amazon gift code

Jan 9th $30 paypal

Jan 10th 2 Rolls of Toilet Paper to test

Jan 17th Two bars of Dove soap

Jan 29th $10 check (Kiah)

Above Rubies
Golf Digest
Family Circle
Family Fun
Focus on the Family
SI kids
Real Simple
Taste of Home

Opinion Outpost
Jan 26th $20 Paypal

Jan 23rd- 2 weeks supply of Personal Trainer food for me and two friends ($221 value per person)


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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

December freebies and survey incentives

I did a horrible job of keeping track of things in December but look at this it is technically still January and I am DONE with December! After looking through my overall things I go this year the winners of favorite sites for me are for cold hard cash- Opinion Outpost- I brought in $220 dollars in 2017 as far as which site gives me the best products I have to say Tryazon has been awesome and got even more awesome in January! Focus point is a new one that I didn't actually know I could qualify for but I finally did I did a 90 minute session about instant potatoes and was given a $90 gift card. I hope to use them ore this year! I can't wait to share that part with you. I have no giveaway this month but will for sure next month! 

Coke Rewards
Dec 8th $5 Target gift card

Dec 21st $50 I-Tunes gift card

Focus Point
Dec 31st $90 Visa gift card

Mills Advisory Panel
Dec 31st $10 Amazon gift card

Opinion Outpost
Dec 19th $20 Paypal

Twitter Insiders Cabin

Dec 28th $10 amazon code

Saturday, January 13, 2018

November Freebies AND a giveaway

I am finally starting to make some progress- but we will see how long that actually lasts- but I am happy to FINALLY be done with November. This month I cashed out from a company I only ever cash out of when I have $100 and that is PineCone- they only take people at certain times of the year but they are for sure the most bang for your buck- If you qualify for a survey you get $3 and they normally take about 15 minutes. After awhile you will know about what questions they are going to ask and know about how much more you have left. They also aren't obnoxious with a whole ton of emails- usually about two a week. I also encourage all my friends to use ebates- if you enjoy shopping online you NEED to use this site. It gives you cash back for shopping through the site. Here is the link for that! I also have a giveaway this month- please know you need to be local or live in the state of Kansas so I can give it to you in the next few weeks! Enter at the bottom of this blog. I also got to have two parties with Tryazon in the month of November- such a great company! They have a new product I SOOOO want to try next week and can't wait until the 18th when they announce if I get chosen. Such a fun company to work for! I also have a giveaway this month- please know you need to be local or live in the state of Kansas so I can give it to you in the next few weeks! Enter at the bottom of this blog. IF you don't live close and still want the Zevia coupons- feel free to enter I am willing to mail those. The two prizes contain one can of Zevia Ginger Ale Soda and 2 $2 off coupons per winner (if you live where I need to mail I will mail you the coupons and pick someone local for the can of soda) good luck! Zevia was a product I got to test with my MOPS group and we really enjoyed all the flavors we got to try. They can sometimes be on sale for about $2.50 for a six pack so if you win you can may be able to get a six back of 50 cents!

American Consumer Opinion
Nov 13th $20.56 paypal

C-Space Twitter insider
Nov 2nd $3 Amazon Gift Code
Nov 17th $30 amazon Gift code

Nov 7th $25.42 Paypal check

Nov 9th $12 Check (for Karis)

ESPN Dec 4th
Focus on the Family Dec/Jan
Outside Dec
Redbook Dec/Jan
Runner’s World Dec
Sports Illustrated Dec 4th
Taste of Home Dec

Moms Meet
Nov 7th Six Free Zevia product coupons plus long straws and $2 off coupons to share with the MOPS group

Opinion Outpost
Nov 20th $20 Paypal

Nov 10th 3 individual packs to test worth about $1 each.
Nov 14th $100 paypal

Nov 2nd PB8 Pills 1 month supply
Nov 9th Dr. Scholl’s Insoles

Nov 5th 3 Peaceable Kingdom board games for kids
Nov 6th 10 lunch box kits, 2 jars Barilla pasta sauce, 2 jars pesto sauce, 24 packs of quick pasta with recipe booklet and a 50 cent coupon for guests

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Simple Solutions Community Review

I joined a new community of online people to talk more about Arm and Hammer baking soda. I may get some free samples with this and learn about products before other people do. I am excited to see what happens with this company over the next year. If you would like to sign up here is the link! Sign up if you want to!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk Review

Friday, December 15, 2017

October Freebies and Giveaway!!

I am not going to lie- I have gotten so far behind this year that I have forgotten to keep track of several things (mostly magazines) I also had a few rough weeks with a few of my companies but everything is finally back to normal! Here are some of the sites I have used and in January I will post how much I made PER site so maybe you can see which one would give you the most bang for your buck. I do have a giveaway today more for the kids than for anyone else! I have another copy of the Jackie Ha-Ha book. Probably more of a preteen book  and also a small face paint kit- the book was thanks to HouseParty and the face paint was a party from Tryazon. Tryazon has been a lot of fun this year and I would recommend them if you like to have people over and aren't afraid to post pictures on line :)  Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom I do have a giveaway going on this week!

Oct 27th $5 Amazon gift code

Oct 2nd Ten Copies of Jackie Ha-Ha books and a bag of bubble gum

Oct 6th $50 paypal

Oct 31st $10 Applebee’s gift card
Oct 3st $10 Old Navy Gift card

ESPN Oct 30th
Golf Digest November
Outside November
Real Simple November
Redbook Nov
Runner’s World Nov
Sports Illustrated Oct 15, Oct 30th  

Oct 25th  $25 gift receipt

Oct 26th $5 Amazon gift card

Opinion Outpost
Oct 7th $20 Paypal

Parent Speak
Oct 23rd $25 check

Shoppers Voice
Oct 11th $1 Amazon Gift code
Oct 27th $1 Amazon code
Oct 11th $1 Amazon gift code

Oct 6th Face paint kit and 5 small kits with books to hand out to my friends.

Oct 24th $6 in Amazon credit

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