Thursday, April 19, 2018

Oh how the mighty of fallen March freebies and Giveaway!

I am not going to lie- I had one month where I was caught up and now I am once again over 500 emails behind. It seems to just happen at one time if I don't stay on top of it so we will just go with it for awhile and see what happens. I have started babysitting for the next six weeks and have four weeks of half marathon training left so it is looking like I will NOT find anytime to catch up in the near future. I did get some awesome things in the month of March. 20/20 research only sends about 2-3 emails a month and your chances of qualifying are like very slim but when they pay out they pay OUT. I got one this past month and so did my mom. Usually they happen over a few days and then you get paid really well. I would for sure add this one to your list because it won't clog up your emails and if you don't fit the criteria they will put you out of that survey super fast. I am also not going to lie I got a lot more magazines than this I have done a very bad job of keeping track of things this year. This month's giveaway I have one that has to be for a person that lives where I can give it to them and a few that I will MAIL! I know I haven't had good coupons for awhile to mail. Look at these prize packs! Three can be mailed and three will have to be able to be picked up. I will contact each winner in order to see what prize they want until I have given away all six prizes. Each coupon pack comes with 1 free kikkoman product coupon plus a few others that are cents off coupons to Dillons/Kroger. These last ones expire NEXT Saturday so I will do my best to pick my winners and get these in the mail Monday!

20/20 Panel
March 21st $50 Amazon gift code
$100 Visa gift card
 C+R Research
March 20th $2 Amazon credit
 Coke Rewards
March 20th  $5 Target Gift card
March 5th $5 Amazon gift code
March 18th $5 Amazon Gift code
 Daily Goodie Box
March 8th snack mix, ginger chews, two face moisturizers, spot remover, hydralyte tablets, caffeine mints, coconut oil, herbal tea. 

  • 1, $25 AMEX Gift Card
    • 11 Coupons for a Free Kikkoman Product
    • 11 Kikkoman Aprons
    • 11 Recipe Booklets
    • 18 assorted washable markers for all kids to share

    Family Circle April
    Family Fun April/May
    Golf Digest April
    Parents April
    Runner’s World April
    Woman’s Day April
     Mucinex Insider
    March 6th A mucus doll, bag and a free product coupon
     MyMagazine Sharing Network
    March 8th free 12 K-pods of coffee, a coupon for free icecream and 19 other cents off coupons.
    March 28th Free coupon for Smart made frozen dinne, Devour Frozen dinner, Marie Callender's frozen dinner, and Farm Rich frozen product 
    March 12th $50 PayPal
     Opinion Outpost
    March 16th $20.00 paypal
    March 2nd $10 Olive Garden gift card
    March 6th Captain Crunch stocking cap

    Ripple Greek Yogurt Alternative Review

    I have tried Ripple products in the past, their pea plant milk alternative and also their creamer when I was on a Keto diet and couldn't have dairy products. So I was excited to get to try their new Greek Yogurt, with a free product coupon from MyMagazine Sharing. I chose Maple flavor and it had a very good front taste, the after taste threw me off for the first few bites but it ended up being very yummy. The texture of the yogurt was super smooth and it had a great feel in my mouth. I only wished I would have gotten a different flavor- while I enjoyed the maple I have never had another brand's maple flavored yogurt so I feel I wasn't quite able to compare it as I would have been if I would have gotten say blueberry. All in all it was good and I will buy it again when I have some more coupons.
    Thank you My Magazine Sharing and Ripple for the free product coupon. All the words here are my own.

    Monday, April 16, 2018

    AFFAGATO?! Review

    So if you are like me you have never heard of the word Affagato before- until about a month ago I hadn't heard it either, but that all changed when MyMagazine Sharing Network sent me some free K-pods and free ice cream coupons to try this product out for myself. Now when you say ice cream and coffee together my interest is already peaked so I was excited to get to try it. It is a lot like a coffee float. To make it was simple put a scoop of ice cream in a mug and then have your Keurig make coffee into that mug- top with some whipped cream and some chocolate syrup and sip and enjoy. I really did enjoy it and will probably be making it again. Enjoy the pictures
    I received free product and samples in exchange for my review. All the words here are my own.
    sharing some with my mom! 

    Wednesday, March 28, 2018

    Daily Goodie Box Review

    Well we really tried to make an unboxing video but for some reason my blog will not allow me to post it the whole unboxing video it was too long so here is a snippet of what we got to try for the Dailey Goodie Box... Sorry we couldn't post everything. I have just found out about this company and this is my first time getting a box from them, there was a lot of new products I have never tried and I got a LOT of feedback on Facebook about several of these items. (Like some of you actually LOVE ginger and oh the ways to use coconut oil!! 

    Prince of Peace - Ginger Chews with Mandarin Orange
    We weren't a huge fan of these but they didn't really stand a chance- our family isn't big into ginger!

    Sun & Earth - Stain Remover Pen
    I love the size of this product and immediately threw it in my purse!

    Kay’s Naturals - Sweet BBQ Snack Mix
    These were delish! We opened them just to sample them and ended up polishing off the whole bag in a matter of seconds! 

    GoViter - Viter Energy Mints
    I passed these along to my husband because caffeine and I are not good friends. 

    Herb Guru - Herbal Tea 
    The tea was interesting I got the fruity recovery tea and saved it for after a longer distance run it had an interesting flavor and I thought it was fun to try. I didn't really enjoy it cold so I actually heated it up and thought it was very good then!! 

    Hydralyte  - Effervescent Electrolyte Tablets
    we haven't had a chance to try these no one has needed them but I am so happy to have these on hand for when we will need them, also easy to just throw in a bag and take on a trip if needed

    Andalou Naturals - Renewal Face Cream Pods
    This was my favorite product!!! LOVED these cream pods, they left my skin feeling so good and made it look nice as well. 

    Prince & Spring - Organic Coconut Oil
    Love these single serve coconut oil packs I can not wait to use them for so many different reasons and in different ways. 

    Overall this box was amazing and a lot of fun. It's a great way to get to try new products and find ones to keep coming into your house. Daily Goodie Box. It's more than just Free Samples!
    I reviewed this in order to get this box for free- all the comments here are my own. I make no money off of you clicking on any of the links I just enjoy doing it :)

    Friday, March 2, 2018

    February Freebies Review of a few companies and a GIVEAWAY!!

    First off let me say it IS actually March second and I am blogging about February???!!! How in the world did we get here? Well I am not exactly sure- although I know with that oversight a few months ago that led to one of my survey companies kicking me out I have gotten to where my emails are manageable and they don't take up all of my time so it truly was a blessing in disguise. This month seemed pretty light- especially since I got through so much but there were not a lot of freebies or survey incentives this month. I will list here what I had. This month was all about the diet- I finished up my food package- and had great results I lost almost 15 pounds and 10 inches and the food was really good. Tryazon did a great job with this one and we are still waiting to hear if we are the lucky winners of another box. We have a 5 in 33 chance of winning one more box and a 1 in 33 chance of winning 2 free boxes. We shall see what happens. Everything was supposed to be in by noon today. This month I want to spend my time talking about Crowdtap feel free to click on the link- I haven't done super well with them lately because I tend to only click on sites when I get emails from the company and somehow I stopped getting lots of emails from them. This month since I got caught up I started just keeping their site open and doing activities when I had time. They have simple ones that are basically 2 clicks for 2 points and then longer ones where you may have to write a few sentences or take a picture or whatever for 20-90 points when you get to 1000 you get a $5 gift card. I guess I kind of boycotted for awhile because we used to get more money for our points but it's a super fun site and they have a lot of samples. While I was inactive on their page I NEVER qualified I am hoping because I am more active now that I will get at least one of the two samples they have going this month. Magazines- as you can tell sometimes I get magazines I don't sign up for somehow someone though the magazine Hola! would fit my lifestyle not sure why but I have called and cancelled that. I have not signed up for a magazine in years and when I called Taste of Home to say I got two issues this month they said I had a subscription set up through 2023. That is how it is with most magazines I get and for the most part they are totally free (my mother in law purchased me a 1 year subscription to Taste of Home this year so it will just add a year on!) So since I got two this month I got the Feb/March issue of Taste of home for a giveaway and a can of Java Monster- a coffee+ energy drink I got for free this past weekend at Sam's I had read online that all their members got a goodie box at 1 PM and we were in Salina anyways so we stopped in there. Kjell will drink energy drinks but not coffee I will drink coffee but not energy drinks so there ya have it- a new giveaway was born! I must be able to hand deliver or you must pick up gift so keep that in mind when entering!

    C+R Research
    Feb 23rd $1 Amazon Gift code
    Feb 4th $5 Amazon gift card
    Feb 12th $5 Amazon gift card
    Feb 19th $10 Amazon Gift card
    Feb 27th $5 Amazon Gift Card
    Family Circle- March
    Golf Digest-March
    Hola! March
    Parents- March
    Runner’s World- March
    Woman’s Day-March
    Feb 19th Arm & Hammer Slide clumping kitty litter – 14lbs
    Feb 14th 2 weeks supply of Personal Trainer Food for two friends and myself.

    Thursday, March 1, 2018

    Personal Trainer Food #Review #Tryazon

    For the month of February I had the opportunity to try a product called Personal Trainer Food the idea is pretty simple. For a certain price you can pick a meal plan (I did two two week plans) and they will deliver food right to your door. 
     THE FOOD- I got to pick 14 breakfasts- mostly omelets and either bacon or sausage- for my second box I ordered mostly sausage because the slices of bacon were pretty small. I also picked 28 veggies one to eat with lunch and dinner. I then got to choose 28 meats for lunch and dinner. The first time around I just picked what sounded good and then ordered. After getting my food I realized I had a LOT more chicken that beef so I was smarter the next time around because even though the food was good I did not enjoy a few days in a row of only chicken! My favorite meat was the savory cheeseburger stick. It was SOOOOO yummy! We could also eat snacks some of my favorites were almonds, cheese, apples, and carrots sticks.
    How did I feel? Well I actually felt pretty good when I was just doing life- I had some problems though when I was running (week three was the worst) I got pretty slow and I felt like I just couldn't run faster no matter how hard I tried. I called in to PTF and talked to a trainer and she said that was pretty normal and just doing one month of the plan I probably wouldn't be able to "feel better" during exercise. I got a cold during the last week so that was kind of a bummer but I felt very healthy the first three weeks.
    What did I lose? This was a weight loss program and it was very strict. I lost out on having cake at a bridal shower, donuts on several occasions, no fun food for Valentine's Day and I realized just how much we as a society celebrate EVERYTHING with food. That was sad and I realized FOOD is my love language. I just love to share food and have food shared with me. However, I also lost 10 inches from my body, and almost 15 pounds. I for the first time since having children and being an "athlete" feel like I look like one now too.
    Would I do it again? Yes I would, soon no I would not. I think I learned a lot in this month about what my body wants and needs and can utilize some of that in my life- but I think it is a great no brainer (as in I just picked something out of the freezer no having to think and plan) easy way to lose weight. I think I would choose to do it before something big- like maybe my cruise coming up in October, or just after the holidays next year to lose that extra weight that always creeps in in January.
    Why did I do it? I got selected by Tryazon to try it along with two of my friends in exchange for my reviews on social media. All the opinions here are mine. I also am hoping somehow our team (there were 33 chosen) will win one of the big prizes (another month's supply). Only time will tell but I am happy with my loss. I don't expect it to stay quite the low but it was fun to see what I had in me!

    Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    January Freebies and Survey compensation and GIVEAWAY!!

    Here it is only halfway through the month of February and I am ready to talk about January! I know it's a miracle! Last year I was so far behind a survey site said I put one of their messages in my spam folder (thank you hotmail for putting an email address I had gotten emails from for the PAST TEN years in the spam) but somehow the company detected it. They sent me an email and said I had 45 days to respond or they were going to close my account. Unfortunately I was so far behind I never saw this email. I tried to get my points back but they were serious they said sorry we can start you over at ZERO points. I do feel sometimes way overwhelmed by my emails and since this happened and I decided not to rejoin, I have actually been able to catch up quite a bit (down from 1200 emails to 230) So here are my freebies for this month and since I am so caught up I have two free gifts to share with my readers. One is a bar of Dove soap and the other is a glass coffee mug that I won from a twitter party (pictures will be at the end of the email. I must be able to hand deliver the prize to you so please only enter if you live in Kansas or know you will see me soon. This month I won a sweepstakes from a company I have entered for a very long time. I never thought I would win (some of their prizes are $25,000- I won a small prize but still super fun. It was a $100 overstock gift card! Remember to go all the way to the bottom to enter the prize giveaway. I also won a chance to try a new food program from It has been a hard journey I have never dieted before in my life- it has been a little easier since I was able to give a box of food to two of my friends. TWO more weeks of this :)

    Better Homes and Garden Sweepstake
    Jan 7th $100 Overstock giftcard

    C+R Research
    Jan 20th $1 amazon credit
    Jan 26th $1 amazon credit

    C-Space Twitter Insider
    Jan 10th $5 amazon gift card

    Coke Rewards
    Jan 17th Free 8X11 Shutterfly book code

    Jan 20th $5 Amazon gift code

    Jan 9th $30 paypal

    Jan 10th 2 Rolls of Toilet Paper to test

    Jan 17th Two bars of Dove soap

    Jan 29th $10 check (Kiah)

    Above Rubies
    Golf Digest
    Family Circle
    Family Fun
    Focus on the Family
    SI, SI
    SI kids
    Real Simple
    Taste of Home

    Opinion Outpost
    Jan 26th $20 Paypal

    Jan 23rd- 2 weeks supply of Personal Trainer food for me and two friends ($221 value per person)


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