Tuesday, May 23, 2017

International Delight® One Touch Latte™ #Review

I am a sweet coffee drinker- I never understand those who can drink it black. I was super excited to get to try the one touch latte. It was very easy to find in my grocer's store located with the other refrigerated creamer. There were three flavors to chose from and of course I had to choose the Mocha. The can says that it will make 7 lattes so far I have made four and it still feels pretty full. The product seems kind of like canned whipped cream. I loved the sound it made and how it made the steam rise I really should take a video to show how it sounds. It is very easy to make I just made my coffee (a bit hotter than usual to compensate for how this cools the coffee a bit) and then shake and hold for seven seconds. I thought that it tasted really good especially on the top of the coffee and I really enjoyed how it made my coffee look. I would recommend it and am so excited I got to try it. Thank you Crowdtap and International Delight for the free product coupon. All the words here are my own.    

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mrs Meyer's Clean Day Body Wash Review

Thanks to Crowdtap and Mrs. Meyer's I got to try a new body wash product. I had heard lots about Mrs. Meyer's products and how good they are, but up to this point I had never tried them. The first time I used the body wash I thought it was a tad runny but I think that was just the essential oils had settled on the top so now whenever I use it I turn the bottle upside down and back up again and it has been fine. I have been training for my half marathon in two weeks so I have been in the shower a lot more than usual from so many runs. I am glad to have this product with me along this journey as the scent is just so fresh and spring like it is the perfect time to be using it. I also thought that it made my skin feel really good, that oil in the product was great at doing what it was supposed to do without going overboard. I like that it doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it as well.

I was given a free sample from Crowdtap and Mrs. Meyer's in exchange for my review. All the words here are my own.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

March Freebies I WON A CRUISE!!!!

I have entered sweepstakes for years I have one a few minor prizes and until the month of March the biggest prize I had won was an $800 REI giftcard which we are still a few years later using each year at Christmas time. But this year our local Christian radio station was giving away a cruise not just any cruise a DC TALK reunion tour cruise. To enter I had to fill out a form on line and then listen for my name to be called on the radio, I didn't hear my name but my pastor's wife heard it and texted me so I called in and barely made it. Then all those whose names were called were put into the grand drawing. I was ready for that I honestly did not think I would win but the night before they drew the winner I thought about all the little things. I needed to have at least 2-3 radios on and even though it was when the kids were getting ready for school I stood by Karis's radio which was having a hard time picking up the station since her antenna was broken. So I am standing there holding her antenna in just the right spot and not being able to move. And then I heard them call my name. I actually had their number pulled up because I knew if I won I needed to call in quickly just in case someone tried to call me to tell me I won. I remember Kiah basically in one jump getting from the basement to the upstairs and then me just saying thank you alot! lol So in July Kjell and I get to head to Miami to go on a cruise. So nothing could top that of course but here is what else I got this past month. I am super far behind on everything but someday haha I will get caught up! Not getting many samples to share lately so I am sorry to say no giveaways this month. Maybe next month!!

March 10th Mud Body Cream

March 3rd $5 Amazon Gift Card
March 14th Teddy Graham Soft Bakes

March 29th $10 Amazon Gift Card

March 2nd $10 check (Karis)

March 2nd Free Powerbar coupon
March 6th  Vagisil personal Lubricant & Vaginal Moisturizing Gel one applicator plus $3 coupon
March 7th Two free pullups, Apple sauce pouch, 8 pack of baby wipes, small sample of Dove body wash (sam’s club)
March 17th Free Powerbar Coupon

Bon Appetit April
Family Circle April
Family Fun April
Focus on the Family April/May
Golf Mar
Lego Life Magazine
Outside March 
Parents Mar
Real Simple Mar
Redbook Mar
Sports Illustrated Mar 6, March 20, March 27th
Women’s Day April

March 4th Hand Dishwashing Liquid

Opinion Outpost
March 16th $20
March 19th Red Nail Polish to test

March 1st KJIL Jesus Freak Cruise trip!!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

SpinTales Duvet Tryazon Party

Well I was super excited to get to host another Tryazon party, and my kids always enjoy it when they get something cool to use as well! SpinTales is a company that has two products a duvet (which is what we got to try) and a rug. Using their app there are interactive stories that you can be a part of. Ours came with the three little pigs, little red riding hood, and Jack in the Beanstalk. Using the camera on my Ipad or Iphone we were able to follow the characters around the duvet and "see" them in 3D their website calls it augmented reality. There was a time when we were climbing the beanstalk that my phone was three feet off the ground. The kids really enjoyed the look of it and the duvet will look great on Karis's bed. It seems to be high quality and since it's a duvet nice and light and will be great for her bed this summer. I do need to be honest. We had dickens of a time with the app. For some reason we could not get it to work right on the iPad (which is how I wanted to do it because we had several other kiddos who were supposed to be there to watch as well) with that being said the customer service was AMAZING! There were several phone calls with tech support and several emails often just minutes after I sent mine. With that all being said if I had to rate it I couldn't honestly give it an excellent rating, but the potential is there. We did use it on my phone and my daughter spent about an hour on just one of the stories and it wasn't just watching and listening there were things to do to interact (help bake grandma's cookies etc) I think if you would like to have several kid play with it you should look at getting the rug but if you have an only child or a child much younger than their siblings the duvet could be the perfect fit for those kids almost old enough not to nap but they need a rest time.

Thank you Tryazon and SpinTales for all of your help with this experience and the free products we were given in exchange for a party and a review
. All the words here are my own.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Teddy Soft Bakes #Review

I clip a lot of coupons so I always seem to know when there are new products on the market. I saw the Teddy Soft Bake treats a few months ago and was so excited to get to try them. When I saw that I could try them from Crowdtap I signed up right away. I was not disappointed. My kids were so excited to try them too and I didn't tell them anything about them. They were surprised that they were soft (apparently none of them read the package) and they also loved that they were filled with gooey goodness. I thought they had great flavor and I enjoyed how cute the bears were. The only disappointing thing was there were only six in a box so we each only got one! I guess that is a good problem! We will be buying these soon!

Thank you Crowdtap and Teddy Soft Bakes for the free samples all the words here are my own.

February Freebies and Survey Rewards!

This month was a little slower than last month but still a lot of fun prizes and rewards. Here is my list. I got 152 dollars in cash and prizes (I am not counting the shutterfly one, while it's a good deal I still have to spend money to use it so I don't count that one because I may or may not use it) Also Kjell had to work for the 52 free chicken sandwich meals :) He and Kiah got to have a fun adventure and spend the night in a tent at the opening of our new Chick-Fil-A but we are sure going to enjoy those! This time I am going to talk about a few of the companies I didn't talk about last time.
Checkout51- this is the first time I have actually cashed out with them. They are a company who pays you for buying groceries. If I buy something on their list (they used to give a quarter for 2 gallons of milk) then you just send the a picture of your receipt and they give you credit for it. It took me a long time to cash out but what I usually do is just take a look at their app before or after I shop and if there is anything I wanted or bought that was on the list I will do my picture. They always have some fruit or veggie and if you are a parent who buys diapers or a person who buys beer- this is a great site and you will cash out quickly!
Tryazon has a lot of fun products that I get to try and share with others. They are one of my favorites- a bit like House Party but doesn't seem to have quite the audience (yet) so I qualify quite often for the ones I want.
That is it for this month if you have any questions please let me know!!!

Feb 21st $20 Check

Feb 23rd 52 free chicken sandwich meal deals gift card (for Kjell sleeping in a tent)

Feb 4th 1 free bottle of Kraft dressing coupon, 1 free bottle of Kroger brand dressing (only including freebies)

Harris Polls
$50 Olive Garden Gift Card

InSites Consulting
Feb 9th $50 Amazon Gift Card

Feb 7th $10 AMC GC

Above Rubies #93
Bon Appetit March
Family Circle March
Family Fun Feb/March
Inc. March
Parents March
Real Simple March
Redbook March
Sports Illustrated Feb 13th
Sports Illustrated Kids March
Women’s Day March

Feb 3rd 2017 Calendar
Feb 6th Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo and Conditioner single samples
Feb 11th Persil one load laundry soap and $2 coupon
Feb 21st Keys for Kids
Feb 25th AHAVA mud mask 

Mom’s Meet
Feb 3rd Two full sized Dr Bronner’s Toothpaste, plus 20 brochures and samples to pass out at MOPS

Feb 27th $2 cash

Opinion Outpost
Feb 9th $20 Paypal

Proctor & Gamble
Feb 7th $20 Shutterfly credit


Feb 14th 3 Wow Snack containers, 1 Wow spill proof cup, a box of Cheerios, six single packs of goldfish, six single packs of gummies.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tryazon and Wow Gear Cups and Snack Pals review

Tryazon is always my favorite company to tell me what cool new products are out there that I have never heard of but then find out I really need them. They didn't disappoint this time as they sent me a cup that doesn't spill (check them out on their facebook page) AND SnackPal snack dispensers that are pretty cool!
The snack pals work in a way that after loading the bottom with snacks and handing the off to my child they have to have the lid closed- turn it upside down and shake it twice to get part of the snack in the top of the container. That way if they are young you can help them portion their snack while still having more than they need because they are too young to understand how to use it. Or if they are older like my children these are great for the car because if they drop it they won't spill as much and won't lose their whole snack since most of it will still be in the bottom. We also enjoyed the non spilling cup they sent although it was a little tricky to use at first, all the kids seem to catch on quickly. 

Thank you Tryazon and Wow Gear for all the great things we got to try as you can see we had a great time sharing with our friends.