Monday, April 8, 2019

March freebies and incentives

So I got a new online job that pays pretty well (for a very small part time job) so I decided to close out a few accounts that sent just oh so many emails. I kept them both until I was ready to cash out and then my life got SO MUCH easier. I can almost always get caught up on email if in a day. I am less than a week behind right now! I went from being 1200 emails behind to 45. This is a doable future. So goodbye to LifePoints and My Points. It's time to live life a little bit more!

March 12th CND Vinylux Nailpolish and topcoat
March 26th $10 Amazon gift code

March 19th $50 Paypal (then I closed this account 20 emails a day is 15 too many)

My Coke Rewards
March 30th Coupon for a free 20 oz pop at quick trip

My Points (and then I closed my account)
March 1st $25 paypal

March 14th $25 Amazon card

Opinion Outpost
March 2nd $20 Opinion Outpost

March 1st The Girl He Used to Know book

March 30th $5 off Mobile 1 At Walmart coupon

March 1st $5 Amazon Gift Card

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Feb Surveys and incentives

I did cut back I promise! It hasn't seemed like it because the two companies I gave up sent so many emails I am still SOMEHOW playing catchup. If I will ever get caught up though it will not be as hard to get back on track. I just need to get caught up someday! I am going under 400 emails today. February was an awesome month as far as online work goes. There is a new company that has me interview people- the fun part about this is BOTH people get paid. So I spend about twenty minutes with my friend and we each got $25 they also sent a report card! I have some work to do!
I also got to do a fun one with Focus Point Global. It was a great online experience.

Feb 6th $12.65 paypal

Feb 7th $30 paypal

Focus Point Global
Feb 2nd $60 Visa gift card
Feb 16th $135 Visa Gift Card

Insider Insight
Feb 8th $48.25 (half for me half for a Amy who took the survey with me.)

Mommies with Cents
Feb 4th Master Mind and Sequence board games

Feb 1st $2 Amazon Reward

Opinion Outpost
Feb 5th 2 Jack’s cheese pizzas to try
Feb 7th $20 Paypal

Sunday, February 24, 2019

January Freebies and Survey incentives

Whelp- I am going to be scaling back on my surveys as I have accepted a new online job that will pay me almost as much as I make per month now so I will slowly start dropping a few of my sites. I will be starting with MyPoints because they send the most emails. In January I had some fun things come- but not a whole lot of money.

Jan 18th Revlon Root Erase Hair color
Jan 22nd $10 Amazon code

Jan 31st $2 paypal

Incentive Logic actually not sure what this is
Jan 28th $10 paypal

My Coke Rewards
Jan 22nd 1 Free AMC movie ticket
Jan 22nd 1 free large popcorn
Jan 22nd 1 free large drink

Parent’s Speak
Jan 14th $11 check

Ripple Street
Jan 31st Dove Foaming Body Wash

Jan 2nd $5 Amazon Gift Card

Jan 28th
2 Milk Chocolate Crunchy Nut Bars
2 Dark Chocolate Crunchy Nut Bars
3 Blond Crunchy Nut Bars
2 Chocobloc Milk Mini cartons
2 chocobloc dark minis cartons
2 Milk Miniatures Cartons
2 Dar Miniatures Cartons

Total $38

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

ChocolatFrey Tryazon Party

Last week we had a great time trying some Chocolat Frey Chocolate! I made the mistake of bringing so much and not keeping any back for me LOL! By the time I turned around all the chocolate was gone so I had to ask for some of it back! I loved the variety of chocolate. I am not usually a fan of white chocolate but even that was very yummy! I really loved the dark chocolate and felt that I was eating a fancy product it transformed me to a lovely relaxing place. I also enjoyed the variety of product sizes- we got "normal sized" candy bars and packages of smaller snack sizes. I will for sure be buying these again. Thank you Chocolat Frey and Tryazon for selecting me to try these with my friends!  

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

December Freebies and Rewards

Final month of 2018 and I made over $200 dollars this month. I found a new site called Insider Insights if anyone is interested in joining please let me know. They pay in paypal or another online form of payment that I can't remember the name of. You get to interview a friend or coworker or whoever you want for certain things our topics were bath time for kiddos and car seats. The really cool thing about this is that you get paid but your friend who you interview also gets paid so that makes it a lot of fun. My end of the year total was a bit above $1500 in cash and prizes. Here's to 2019 going to back off a bit with some sites and do a few other things instead. 

Dec 3rd $10 Amazon Gift Card

Dec 22th $50 Starbucks gift card
Jan 23rd $2 paypal

Insider Insight
Dec 12th $116.22 Paypal

Mills Advisory Panel
Dec 3rd $3 Amazon gift code (panel is closing at the end of the year)
Dec 12th $5 Amazon gift

Opinion Outpost
Dec 15th $20 paypal

Dec 10th $5 Amazon Gift Card

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

November Freebies and I am losing my mind

I was looking on my desk top and saw my document for November and I was sure that I had posted about it already but when I went and looked on the blog there was nothing there! So I am NOT quite that far behind just losing my mind due to being too busy to really do this anymore. I have been deleting old emails and trying to get caught up to no avail. Here is what I got in November- I FINALLY cashed out on MY POINTS and they have been making it harder to make points so I am thinking of dropping them (about ten emails a day they are annoying) but I do love me some gift cards too. I would also like to know which company I got the $10 AMC card from it's so hard when I am this far behind. 

Nov 5th $10 Amazon credit
Nov 9th $6.44 paypal
 MyMagaizne Sharing Network
Nov 26th Measuring spoons, bag of walnuts, coupon for free can of pumpkin, coupons to keep and share with friends
 My Points
Nov 25th $50 Kohl’s gift card
 My Survey
Nov 2nd $50 paypal
 Opinion Outpost
Nov  9th $20 Paypal
Nov 21st single serve orange juice
Nov 3rd $5 Amazon gift card
Nov 8th $50 Amazon Gift Card

11/29 $10 AMC gift card