Monday, November 13, 2017

Barilla Pasta Party Review

Pasta and Party are always two words that go very well together. Apparently that I why I had so many people show up at my house on Friday night! We loaded eleven adults and fifteen kids into our house and had a great Barilla Pasta party. Barilla now has pasta that you can make in 60 seconds in the MICROWAVE??!!!!! I was skeptical at first because come on pasta kind of thrives on being slowly boiled to death I thought but I was very impressed and so were my guests! The bag just goes straight into the microwave after you open a corner cook it for 60 seconds and then it's ready and the cool thing to me was the packaging wasn't too hot to handle. I made 20 bags of this and never once felt any hot or burning on my hands. We decided these products are good for kids learning to cook, or my 11 year old who is scared to make macaroni and cheese on the stove top because of fear of it boiling over. My mom thought this would be great for my grandfather who has parkinson's and can't really make something on the stove top either because of fear of burning himself.  Several thought it would be a fun gift to send to college students in a care package. We also enjoyed some of the Barilla pasta sauces and pestos. My kids LOVED their pesto recipe and so did all the people who came over, and literally I had it made in three minutes the only thing that took any time was cutting the tomatoes. I haven't priced this in my grocery store yet but I found it online for $1.79 which isn't too bad for something that makes two pretty large serving sizes. Thank you Tryazon and Barilla for allowing me to host such a fun party! I did receive a free product but all the words here are my own. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Peaceable Kingdom Board Game review

My family LOVES board games- but one of my biggest problems is that they are UBER competitive and someone always ends the game in tears (the "loser") and someone is always pretty prideful with winning (the "winner") so when I was asked by Tryazon to talk to a company (Peaceable Kingdom) about why they should host a party I told them my family would love to share their products with our friends because the games all encourage group play and involvement. While working as a team can be kind of challenging for preschool children to understand, once they get the hang of it the room becomes one of cheering and laughter and unanimous uggs when something goes wrong. I will give a review on each game we got to try.
Sunny and Stormy Day! Book and game is found exclusively at Target just click on the link and it will take you right to it. This one is for ages 3+ it comes with a short story about Max and some of the good (sunny ) things that happen in his day and the not so pleasant (stormy) things that happen in his day. Then there is a small pouch that families can use when they want that has three tokens with pictures of a sun, a storm cloud, and a rainbow and they can be used to talk about Good parts, bad parts, and parts we are looking forward to in our days. There is also basically a memory game that can be played three ways each one getting a bit harder. The first way is just to put all the tiles face up and have kids find the matches in Max's stormy and sunny parts of his day. The second is to turn them all upside down and play it like a normal memory game. The last way (and the way that shows the most cooperative teamwork is by adding four moon tiles. If those get turned over there is a small puzzle (6 pieces) that must be put together for each moon and they stay out on the game board so teammates remind others where those moons are so they don't end up turning the over again. 
The second game Hoot Owl Hoot was my favorite!! I loved this game. The point of this game is to get all the owls home before the sun rises, any person can move any owl and the point of the game is to move them as far as possible on a turn when you have a color card but if a player has a sun card they have to move the sun and hopefully get all the owls safe to the nest before the sun comes up. While the game says ages 4+ my 11 year old (and I) really enjoyed this one as well. It's pretty simple for the younger kids to play but takes a bit of older kid strategy in order to win. 
The last game Race to the Treasure is listed as ages 5+ but this one takes a bit more strategy than the other two and my older kids really loved this one. The goal is to gather three keys and make it to the treasure before the Ogre gets there, by building a path to collect the keys and head towards the treasure. Another game that younger kids can enjoy but need a bit of help to actually win with the help of older kids. I have added links to where you can purchase these games and right now MindWare has a 15% off sale for one more day! (I know I am late getting this out) These would make GREAT Christmas presents and I HIGHLY recommend all of them. But like I said if you have to choose Hoot Owl Hoot is my very favorite.        

Thank you Tryazon and Peaceable Kingdom for giving me these three games for free. All the reviews here are my own. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Freebies for the month of Sept and a #GIVEAWAY

If there was a GIF I could post on this blog it would be of me banging my head into a wall over and over. Between right now and September I have my account "locked" on three of my main survey sites. I have a hard time this month recommending anyone because I a so mad at them all. At this time one company owes me ONE HUNDRED dollars and I can't get ahold of a live person to make this better. I am not sure what is happening with survey sites but they are getting harder to get money from and not being as generous with the time and effort people like me put in. For that reason I am having a hard time spending all my time on-line when I am getting "rewarded" with 20 cents for 30 minutes of my time. I have also found a new passion as Kjell and I have gotten the go ahead for doing emergency foster care that has kept me super busy. Here is where I made money this month. Like I said since I am so far behind I miss a lot of opportunities but honestly life is too good to spend all my time online! I am also giving away two prizes this month. I have an extra Jacky Ha-Ha book by James Patterson- it is a book geared toward tweens Kiah and I both read it and thought it was a fun story. I am also giving away one of my Suave Dry Shampoos so make sure to enter!! To ENTER I must be able to see you in the next few months. So most people in KANSAS are free to enter. I WILL NOT BE MAILING prizes.
Sept 22nd two Suave dry shampoos, two degree deodorants,  one dove bar soap

Sept 28th 10 copies of James Patterson book Jacky Ha-Ha and a big bag of bubble gum.

Sept 6th $5 Amazon gift code

Kansas Beef Council
Sept 15th $50 race reimbursement check for me
$50 race reimbursement check for Kjell

Sept 25th $10.50 Check (Justus)

Sept 23rd $25 gift card

Family Circle October
Outside October
Parents October
Real Simple October
Redbook October
Runner’s World October
Sports Illustrated Sept 18th , October 2nd
Woman’s Day October

Sept 15th Free coupon for a box of O.B. Tampons

Opinion Outpost
Sept 24th $20 paypal

Sept 7th Sleep Number pillow

Vocal Point
Sept 21st $5 Target Gift Card

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Vea Snack crackers review

I got to sample these fun snack crisps and thought they were very good. They are baked with fresh herbs and spices and have a very nice flavor. I only received a small bag and I was bummed when they were gone. My four year old also enjoyed them. We can not wait until we can find them the next time we go to Dillons. Not only do they have crisps, they also have bars and crackers. I am excited to check out the whole line and all the different flavors that they have.  Thank you to MyMagazine Sharing Network for my free sample. All the words here are my own. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Snazaroo Face painting party! Review and website coupon

Ok sometimes I apply to host parties just because I know this is something I would never think to take on on my own. That would be face painting. Almost all of the faces painted here were painted by me!! WHAT?? Yes I know it is actually pretty easy! Snazaroo sent several products along with a few idea books and we had fun painting faces. I liked the paint because it seemed very easy on the skin- I have a few kids with sensitive kids and there was no smell to the paint and it just felt very natural on their faces. It was also very easy to apply to their faces and the best part- when it was time to take it off- it didn't have to be super scrubbed off it came over very nicely in the shower with just water. I liked that they also sent some different sizes of brushes and some sponges as well. Right now with this code (TRYAZON)you 
can get 20% off their website through the month of October. Thank you to Tryazon and Snazaroo for just a great party experience we had so much fun! All product was given to me in return for my review. All the words here are my own. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Great product pack from Unilever- #Review

I always enjoy getting products sent to me by Crowdtap- this package was a great one and if I smell bad in the next month or two then it can only be my fault because they set me up to smell great. I usually use Degree but I hadn't yet used the motionsense one and I have really enjoyed using both of them. They are a great product for using when I am running or working out. My girls have stolen my dry shampoo because they don't like to shower every day. I much prefer the one on the left because it smells so good. I also have enjoyed using the body bar although usually I use body wash. Unilever is a great company and has a lot of different brands these are just a few of them. Thank you Crowdtap and Unilever for the free samples and making me smell so good. All the words here are my own. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

August Freebies and Survey Earnings

Once again it is almost the FOLLOWING month and I am finally getting back to the end of August. Life has just been crazy I have decided I will never get caught up although now that Sunday football is here Sunday afternoons are or soon will be devoted to more chilling and getting surveys done while watching football! This month I want to point out the rebates we got from Lowes. I am not sure how often they will do this but they had two different time frames where if you took a picture of your receipt and sent it in they would give back about 10-11 percent! We were working on a deck at that time so we excited to get so much money back. My thought here is just make sure you know what stores have to offer because you could be missing something. I also need to point out that Opinion Outpost is my most consistent payout. I have made $20 a month from them every month this year. They do send a lot of emails and I don't always qualify but I love being guaranteed cash. We had two awesome parties from Tryazon again last month. I love this company.  

C+R Research
Aug 5th $2 Amazon gift code
Aug 9th $5 Amazon gift code

Aug 2nd King Size Twizzler
Aug 25th $5 Amazon gift code

Aug 9th Free Kroger Salad Dressing coupon and Free Tostitos chips coupon

Aug 11th $9.95 paypal

Aug 1st $50 Express Gift Card

Aug 10th $35.13 Rebate gift card
Aug 21st $17.26 Rebate gift card

Family Fun Aug/Sept
Golf Digest Aug
Outside September
Parents September
Real Simple September
Redbook September
Runner’s World September
Sports Illustrated Aug 7th and August 14-21, Aug 27th  Sept 4-11th
Taste of Home Sept/Oct
Women’s Day September

Mills Advisory Panel
Aug 6th $10 Amazon gift code

Moms Meet
Aug 17th 3-4 packs of Vanilla Ripple Kids Milk 3- 4 packs of Chocolate Ripple Kids Milk Pack to share with my MOPS group

My Survey
Aug 25th $50 Paypal

Opinion Outpost
Aug 1st $20 Paypal

Aug 14th 20 free 4X6 prints

Aug 1st 3 BIC Geloity pens plus many $1 coupons

Aug 29th 1 year subscription to ESPN the magazine (Pepsi sweeps)

Aug 1st Two Word Slam board games (one to give out as a gift) notepads, button pins and brochures
Aug 15th Disney Animal World Play Along set and books!