Tuesday, November 1, 2011

GIVEAWAY blog!!!

Ok first I have to say how fun it has been to get Mega Bloks- I have always wanted to get my kids some but just never thought of it when I was in a store. We had them at our old church and the kids loved them. Fast forward to last week when I got ten sets of the sent to me because I am a Insider Mom Network Leader for the town (county??) of Meade. I can not believe how much fun my kids all three of them have had with the blocks. There were only 24 in the bag and they have all spent hours playing with them (it is enough blocks for one kid not enough when more than one gets involved!!) I think this is totally going to be one of Justus's Christmas gifts. I hate getting toys for the kids but he wants to play with them all the time!

Today in my mail box I got some fun things I would like to share. I got a huggies onsie for entering my codes on their website- if you use huggies sign up for this it is totally worth it I don't like sweepstakes but I know one of the blogs I follow she's won a ton of things. I am content to let my points add up and get 25 dollar gift cards. I have gotten two so far. I got 2 20% off payless codes (I am giving one of these away) I got the cold touch kleenex sample pack. Kids got some Tom's of Maine Tooth paste- I posted about this on facebook did anyone try to get it? I got two bounce bars I am supposed to give one away. I LOVE these bars they say they last two months but mine lasts much longer. I will be giving this prize to someone in meade, topeka, wichita, or atwood area as I don't think I will be visiting anywhere else in the near future. The last prize is a $10 off shutterfly w/free shipping card for one friend. I am excited about Shutterfly this year as I am getting to host Shutterfly house party. So excited! If you haven't already sign up for houseparty.com to host your own parties. They have gotten pretty popular in the past few months so it's harder to win but still fun to try. Ok how to enter, just post on my facebook status which prizes you would like to win AND what laundry soap is your favorite. Drawing will be held tomorrow after AWANA so you can enter until then I will be doing a couple of reminders on facebook. Good luck!