Sunday, August 21, 2016

Haagen-Dazs Ice cream #Review #Sponsored

There are few things in life that make me as happy as ice cream. I have also always seen Haagen-Dazs and the premiere ice cream brand out there so when I got to try it out for Crowdtap I was super excited. I decided (of course) to chose the most chocolately flavor they have so I ended up getting brownies a la mode.
oh my word- the ice cream was so creamy, there were real chunks of brownies in it that just melted in my mouth. I have found love!!! It was amazing- and there were so many flavors to choose from. The kids knew from the start I wasn't planning to share this with them. So I enjoyed it all. The thing to look for though is this tiny container is supposed to be 3.5 serving sizes!!!! GULP I actually made it last three but I was glad I had read that because it really seemed like it would have been two! Loved this product and will be buying it a lot more in the future. 
this poor guy was sad I wouldn't share (I did give him a bite after I snapped this adorable picture of his pout face!)

Thank you Crowdtap and Haagen Dazs for  my free product coupon in exchange for my honest review. All the words here are my own. 

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer #Review #sponsored

Jergens wet skin Moisturizer- takes what you know about moisturizer and puts it in the shower- literally. This lotion is meant to be used right after taking a shower, before toweling off. I was a bit skeptical and the first few times I had it with me in the shower..... I forgot to use it. So I had to get use to getting in it in my mind to use this before I got out. One thing I really loved about this moisturizer is it tells you on the back of the bottle how much to use. Dime sized for each arm and quarter for each leg (it doesn't say anything about the middle but another quarter size is plenty. I  was very impressed to see that I didn't have to use as much lotion as I have to use with my other product- I think it's because of the water still on my skin that made it more effective with less product needed. This bottle may just last me six months! My bottle also had a nice subtle scent and I enjoyed how long the moisture stayed locked into my skin. I was also very excited to find this product in my August copy of Redbook they gave it the title of best moisturizer for the year!!!

 So you don't just have to take my word for it- you can take the word of a lot of testers who thought it was great!

I received a free product from Jergens and Crowdtap in exchange for my review. All the words here are my own.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

InstaFire #Review #Sponsored

As someone who likes to grill a lot and someone who has a hard time starting a fire I was excited to get the opportunity to try out this new product that was introduced to the world on SharkTank. I got to try out both the products for Tryazon and have to say we really loved the firestarter but got confused on the charcoal starter. Our grill isn't designed like the one in their video so our fire wasn't close enough to coals. However the firestarter stuff (and if you have the right fittings on your charcoal grill are awesome. With the FireStarter you pour it out and then light it- the flame gets several times hotter than a normal wood fire. It also is, get this WATERPROOF!! Waterproof! On the video the guy holds it in his hand and the top is burning but he feels nothing on his hand. I am sorry to say I am unable to try this as it scares me really bad to think about trying it. Then he just dumps it in a bowl of water and it keeps burning (see how good it would be in rainy or snowy conditions?  It also can uphold in windy conditions as well. This product is PERFECT for those who camp a lot and we are saving some for our prepper family members- each bag can start four fires! For the charcoal starter you place the bag under the charcoal grate and just light the fire. It burns and gets the coals ready in just a few minutes.
thank you Tryazon, and InstaFire for allowing me to review your product and for the great free samples to hand out to my friends and family. All the words here are my own. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Always Radiant Pads #Review #Sponsored

Not a subject I always like to talk about- because it's not my favorite time of the month but Always is trying to change the way women look at their periods. Their new Radiant Pads are pretty on the inside and out they want you to have a smile on your face when you have to use them. They are also made with a new material called Flexfoam so they are supposed to help with staying with you wherever you are moving! I thought they were a good product and I loved the new design. They claimed to be 100% leak free and I have to say they did a great job.
The one thing I noticed was they seemed a bit noisy- not something I really want to make noise when I am wearing it but I am not sure actually why that was happening. I will try them again this month and see if i have beter luck.

I am a part of Crowdap- thank you to Always and Crowdap for sending me a free product sample in exchange for my review. All the words here are my own. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Shampoo, Conditioner, treatment #Review #Sponsored

Thanks to Crowdtap and L'Oreal I got to try a new product from L'Oreal Paris- They have a new line of "oil" hair care products.
I have been using the product for the last few weeks and have been super happy with how soft it has made my hair. With how much we have been out this summer in the sun and chlorine I was dried out more than I really like my hair to get. This has been a great product to get my hair back to being healthy. I haven't quite figured out how to use the third step- the treatment process. You can use it either with wet or dry hair but I have only used it a few times on my wet hair. I plan to try it soon on my dry hair and see what kind of difference it will make. This bottle could likely last me a few years since I am only supposed to use a dime sized portion each time I use it.  

I was able to share my goodies with my sisters' in law and my mother in law and even a cousin in law. So fun to share!

Thank you Crowdtap and L'Oreal for my product that I received free in exchange for my honest review. All the words here are my own.