Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#Tryazon #RoosterFin board game night #Review

Game night! Something the Nordgren family does a lot of. So it is always super fun when a company gives us some to try out for them. These three games are Mohawkz, Lumpy Cubes and Rooster Race. They are all put out by the company Roosterfin I have written reviews for all of them on Amazon which is a great place to pick these games up. I will start with our favorite. Rooster Race- it is basically a high low game with corn pieces that you get to collect if you get the answer right- if you get it wrong you have to put the piece of corn back in the the middle. The whole family loved it and all the moms and dads who played it where the most impressed with this one. One small problem the company should have had more corn pieces we often ran out.

Lumpy Cubes is a speed game. There is a deck of cards and you turn one over and then with your four cubes you have to match what the card says. My kids really liked this game and had a great time playing with adult supervision but it was easy enough they did not have to. 

Mohawkz was my least favorite but the kids really loved this one. It is basically six ping pong balls and there is a cardboard cut out that the player tries to get get their balls to land in. I thought it looked very cheap but the giggles and laughs would probably be worth the 12 dollars selling price.

Thanks again to RoosterFin and Tryazon for giving me a sample of all of these games in exchange for my review. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

o.b. pro-comfort tampons #review

Not everyone's favorite thing to talk about, but something most females experience on a monthly basis. I was able to try the new o.b. comfort tampons thanks to a sample pack from Crowdtap. The pros of this product- very discreet because of the size, you can easily fit one or two or even five in your pocket and no one would ever know. Also they don't have an applicator which is better for the environment. They also are comfortable. The cons some women can't get past the no applicator thing although I don't see a problem with it. The other thing I didn't seem to understand it they seemed to have a coating on them so they didn't absorb as well as I had hoped. The little teal case in my hand can hold five tampons and that is a cute case to throw in my purse

Thank you o.b. and crowdtap for the sample you sent me so that I could share this product with my readers and my friends all the opinions here are my own.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Robitussin 12 Hour Cough Relief #Review

Ok so apparently in the past when you hit around age 12 and had to start taking adult medicine the flavor options were limited to cherry or.... cherry or maybe cherry. YUCK I have always hated the flavor of cherry in my liquid medicine, and cough syrup was THE WORST.. I finally got to the point I would have to coach myself with how to take my cough syrup. Ok Laressa, it's just like some of that nasty shots you used to take in college, they were gross but you did them anyways not bottoms up. Slam my little plastic medicine cup to the counter and say... MADE IT! But not anymore. All I can say is THANK YOU Robitussin for giving us such a good new cough syrup. I have been LONGING since age 12 to have a grape flavored cough syrup. It is my favorite and I didn't understand how no longer serving grape flavorings was a rite of passage.  I was to try this product out for Crowdtap and I was worried because I wasn't sick. But a funny thing happened and I had a few nights where I just started coughing (the kids have had the sniffles as well so I had a little bit of a cold) So I got to try  my new grape flavored adult cough relief syrup and I was not disappointed. It was everything I had hoped it would taste like and it WORKS. This stuff is great I didn't cough for the rest of the night and I felt great. There is no groggy feeling with this and it's alcohol-free which I appreciate. I highly recommend this product and it is also available in Orange- for any of you adults out there who have missed THAT flavor!!! It retails for 7.97 at Walmart. It was 10.99 at Dillons
Thank you Crowdtap and Robitussin for sending me a free product coupon in exchange for my review. My review is my own... it has to be because who else would say this crazy stuff?!?!?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rhodes 60 Second Cinnamon Rolls #Review

Thanks to Tryazon and Rhodes I was able to try some of their new Microwaveable cinnamon rolls with a group of my friends and family. The product comes with six cinnamon rolls in a bag. I found them at Walmart for about $3.50. The directions are easy pull one out of the bag plop it on a plate and then heat it in the microwave for 60 seconds. The transform before your eyes into a very tasty warm treat. Each bag of rolls also comes with individual frosting packets so a person can put on as much or as little of the frosting as they want. I of course put on the whole package. I have always loved the Rhodes brand and their products- they did not disappoint with these cinnamon rolls. I do however believe the people who need to buy these rolls might be more for singles or couples rather than a large family like mine. I think a lot of people could enjoy just putting one in the microwave and eating it and then not having to worry about them going bad because of not eating them fast enough. HOWEVER they are great for my kids when they want to make themselves a treat. My older two kids have no problem making these by themselves and they get a fun treat and I don't have to lift my feet! Only one small problem is they are pretty high in calories, about 260 with all the frosting. But for a fun quick and easy hot treat I would say these are the way to go and I know they will be a staple in our house!

Thank you Rhodes and Tryazon for the free coupons in exchange for me sharing the rolls and sharing my opinion. All the words expressed here at my own.