Saturday, October 24, 2015

o.b. pro-comfort tampons #review

Not everyone's favorite thing to talk about, but something most females experience on a monthly basis. I was able to try the new o.b. comfort tampons thanks to a sample pack from Crowdtap. The pros of this product- very discreet because of the size, you can easily fit one or two or even five in your pocket and no one would ever know. Also they don't have an applicator which is better for the environment. They also are comfortable. The cons some women can't get past the no applicator thing although I don't see a problem with it. The other thing I didn't seem to understand it they seemed to have a coating on them so they didn't absorb as well as I had hoped. The little teal case in my hand can hold five tampons and that is a cute case to throw in my purse

Thank you o.b. and crowdtap for the sample you sent me so that I could share this product with my readers and my friends all the opinions here are my own.

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