Monday, January 3, 2011

Not making this my new year's resolution

So last year I decided to keep track of all my survey rewards and all my fun freebies. I think I did almost 100% on documenting my rewards for my surveys but with the move to Meade I totally fell off the bandwagon as far as recording my freebies. I think it's because I leave my laptop upstairs and forgot to log in. So I hope to do that this year but I thought maybe I would put my freebies in on this blog. We will see if that happens.

I have also done great with getting rid of e-mails from some companies that I had gotten on a mailing list of or even some of my surveys. I discovered I had WAY. Too. Many. For the last week I have been able to go to bed and have no new emails which is a first in a very long time so I think I am on track with that. Now I just have to refigure into what to do with that time. And there was a LOT of time on the computer. I am hoping to read more books this year. Attempt a new workout program. Which I did ten minutes of today and the only good that came out of it was a HUGE appetite. So that part wasn't helpful. In all actuality I'm not sure how much more free time I will receive as we just purchased a house. Kind of made for a crazy Christmas break trying to plan all of that, thinking we had lost the house and then getting told we had it and needed to hurry and secure a loan and want to close on Feb 14th. Kjell really liked the house, I really liked not having any debt but we had both said if the right house came along and it was priced where we thought it should be we would go forth. (I should have known Kjell could find something so quickly so I could have saved a bit more for a down payment but that is in the past now!) After he refell down the stairs yesterday we are all ready to get out of this house! lol not really but the stair are scary.

So today I've been working on getting all of our paper work in. We found a 30 year loan that is locked in on an interest rate for the first seven years and then it can change so it's a fairly low rate, but I plan to have the house paid off in seven years. Yes Kjell and I and the kids are entering into a seven year spending freeze. Not really but close enough. I was very excited with the loan I found until I started reading reviews today and there were a LOT of complaints but mostly about people trying to refinance. Our rate is low and I have no interest in having the loan long enough to refinance so I hope this all works out..I just pray that God gets us through this. Everything else happened so smoothly I'd appreciate this going smoothly as well!

The kids are growing up so fast. Kiah is going to learn to read this semester at school she is totally ready and has been making attempts already at home. We still do our four preschool papers a couple times a week at home we are supposed to do them everyday but life is too busy for that! Justus and Kiah fight like cats and dogs, Kiah is a great tattler too. I saw her the other day throw Justus to the ground and then he hit her in retaliation and he told on her. I have to be very careful and very patient with these two. I am reading a good book on raising children biblically I don't remember what it is called and it is upstairs and if I walk up the stairs I risk waking up Justus. I am also reading a book called Money, Possessions and Eternity. By Alcorn. Another very good book. I should have had this book read through before the house purchase and allowed Kjell to read it but it's too late for that now! :)

Justus is finally starting to talk more. This morning he asked me where daddy was because it's his first day back to school. Justus also tries to get on the bus with Kiah so he can go to school and even kisses me goodbye. Next year will be hard when Kiah is gone all day.

Karis is working on teeth and thinking she is big enough to sit up but her body hasn't allowed her to yet. It will be very soon. She is the smiliest child I have ever seen. She just makes everyone around her happy. She rarely cries and is content to sit in her swing (and actually perfers it to almost everything else ) during the day.

No you didn't get a Christmas card from me, but yes you should have. My pictures got "lost in the mail" The company gave me my money back but of course I got a great deal on them so they are out nothing today I asked them to resend the pictures we will see if it happens.

Oh and for today's freebies. I got a Kids' Pork Cookbook from the national pork board, and a tour wrap for my gold clubs, because I have golf clubs (nope) anyways that was from golf digest. Plus I cashed out one of my surveys and received 20 dollars in my pay pal account.