Saturday, March 23, 2013

Soft Scrub Advanced Surface

Well it's no lie I have been getting a lot of fun products to try over the last few months. The latest one is a new Soft scrub product that can be used on granite, marble, glass cooktops and stainless steel.  I used the product on my glass cooktop stove and I was VERY impressed. I had some of the expensive cleaner that they try to sell you (successfully in my case) when you buy your oven and it burned in the fire. I had yet to replace it so my stovetop was DIRTY. The claim is that you can just apply it and wipe it off with a sponge, cloth or paper towel. It WORKS! I was surprised by how good this cleaning product smells and how easy it was to get the product off of the stovetop. It easily got the spots off except for a few that had been cooked in for awhile those took a little longer with a bit of a soak but still worked really well. It was the best my stovetop had looked in a LONG time. I have three free product coupons to give away again- it is actually for ANY Soft Scrub product- so to enter let me know- what item in your house is needing a little more cleaning TLC than you have been able to give it in the last few weeks/months? I will announce a winner on Thursday.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Purex detergent plus Fabric Softener with Crystals Fragrance

So seriously my biggest complaint with this new product I got to try is how stinkin long the name is! lol I have gotten so many different kinds of Purex to try in the past few years I am excited to get one that has the fabric softener in it. And this product also has a great smell. The dirt lift claim on the bottle also seems to be doing a great job. Having an almost 3 month old means I have to wash a lot of "blow out" diapers and I have been impressed with how well Purex can handle these tough stains. If you want to enter to win this time just answer this question on the blog or on my fb status. What is your laundry day? Do you have one day you set aside to do laundry or do you do it throughout the week? I used to do laundry every Thursday and I loved it because while I folded (during nap time) I would get to catch up on my tv shows. Now though with poopy stains on an almost daily basis I do laundry on an almost daily basis! There will be three winners I will announce winners on Saturday! Good luck
you can also enter Purex's giveaway to win a free bottle OR 1000 dollars I would love to see one of my readers get to win that prize!

Thanks Purex for sending me a free product to give an honest opinion to my readers and for giving me coupons to share with them!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dial Coconut Water Body Wash

Wow have I been getting some goodies in the mail and today I have another giveaway to share with you. This is the New Dial Coconut Water Body Wash- and wow does it have a fun scent! I enjoy this product and how it leaves my skin feeling and also the soft scent I carry with me outside of the shower! It is totally a fresh body wash, and one the whole family can use.
 I didn't know but they say that coconut water is known as super water for it's natural hydration and health benefits, no wonder it is all the Hollywood rage.  I am doing my usual free product coupon with this one but there is also a larger giveaway you can be a part of just click on this link for that one. if you win here you win $1000 (that is much more than I can ever give you!) or you have a chance to also win a free product. To enter this giveaway either post on my blog or on my facebook wall- what is your favorite body wash scent. That's it I will draw three winners Saturday evening!
Once again I received this product from Dial however all the opinions stated are my own :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Soft Scrub

I have to tell you- I have been blessed to be getting to try all these products you guys! I am so glad for those of you who have entered my giveaways and brought traffic to my blog so they continue to send me a free product and I get to send you free coupons! This time I got to try out the Soft Scrub in the picture. I grew up with this stuff- anyone else? I remember often when I was younger being the one who had to clean the bathtub and this was always my mom's product of choice (when is Kiah going to be old enough for this?? lol) They improved the formula to offer more cleaning power and they also have a new bottle design. The new formula is tougher on stains, yet gentle on surfaces, it also has more whitening power and leaves less residue (this part I really noticed) I also enjoyed the smell- I thought it really had a good lemon-y smell and enjoy that it isn't just a bathroom cleaner but rather one I can use in the kitchen and the bathroom. That means one less bottle of cleaner hanging around my house! To enter this giveaway please comment either here or on my facebook post What is one cleaning tip you learned from your mom/parent that you use to this day? That's it I will have two winners

Soft Scrub provided a free sample of this product so I could review it- however all the opinions are mine :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blends

I have been getting so many goodies to share with my readers lately I am doing something I don't normally do. I still haven't passed out all my coupons for winners from my past giveaways. But don't worry I still have your coupons and will get them to you as soon as I can! Today I have another product to tell you about. Honey Bunches of Oats has come out with a new flavor- from some commercials I have seen on TV and just seeing the product in the store they have totally decided to add new flavors to their line lately and frankly that makes me happy! We got to try this box and I was surprised that everyone liked them. I thought they coconut would make them not like it but for the most part no one even noticed the texture of it because they were pieced so small. My kids LOVED the mango (or mingo flavor as Justus called it) We even had to go buy some fresh mango so the kids knew what it was supposed to look like/taste like fresh. I have three free product coupons to give out so if you are interested you can comment on here or on my facebook post- what is your favorite breakfast cereal of all time? I will draw the winners Sunday evening! Also they  have decided to have a bigger giveaway with this promotion (I am not guaranteeing a winner from my friends but if  you win you better take me lol!The grand prize is a trip to Outrigger waikiki for four nights. 1st place prize is a year's supply of Purex and Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal check it out at GOOD LUCK on that one!

Post provided a free sample of their product for this post. All opinions are MINE   :) thanks ya'll