Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tryazon Sterno S'mores party and review

Sterno is a company I only recently learned about. My husband and his family have a tradition of having fondue on New Year's Eve. So I knew there were these little cans of "something!" that could keep a fire going. When I heard that the company had now made a S'Mores product that would allow my family and I to make S'mores in my house whenever I wanted them rain, shine or even SNOW! I was so excited to get a chance to try it out. The fact that they wanted me to host the party on Kiah's birthday made it even better. There is not much to the part of the S'mores maker it is fitted to fit marshmallows, chocolate and crackers so that was pretty cool. Then there was a place to hold the little can that would burn for forty five minutes and it had a cage over the top of it so that it would protect people from getting too close to an open flame. The kids (and adults had a great time using this and it really made nice toasted marshmallows. It was super easy to start the flame- and it was also easy to put the flame out when we were done using it. If there is one thing I need to emphasize is make sure there is always an adult in the room. This is an open flame!!! At one point Kiah caught her marshmallow on fire and wasn't quite sure what to do with it. We blew on it and that was that, but it could easily start a fire so just be careful to have all papers out of the way and and adult present at all times. We have had so much fun with this product and I know we will use it for years to come. If you are interested in buying one I have a $15 rebate code!!! Just let me know!

Winners of our giveaway. Actually my nephew won it but I gave the box to his parents!

Thank you Tryazon and Sterno for letting us try out this product for free. We really enjoyed it and all the words here are my own. 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Molkky Game- #Review #Tryazon

Our family loves spending time outdoors and we love playing games so when I heard that Tryazon was looking for people to host a party for this "new" game Molkky I knew I had to sign up. We got the game and had a week to try it out as a family before we had our bigger party, and all the kids loved it. We made a closer line for the two littles and we would play several games a night in our yard. The set up of the game is a bit like bowling with "pins" you try to knock over- however the pieces have numbers on them. If you knock one over you get the value that is on that piece but if you knock more than one over you get the total number of pieces you knocked down. The winner is the first person who gets fifty points without going over. The part that makes the game very interesting is that as the pieces fall over, you put them back up where they landed so the game slowly gets spread out more. The cool thing is you can play this on just about any surface, we have tried several different heights of grass and also dirt (wow they flew then!)  The other awesome thing about this game is you can score it with an APP! Oh my goodness that made it so nice and even more fun because the app can be hooked up to facebook and when I won I could brag about my score! 

We all loved this game- we had three generations playing at one point and that is pretty awesome- it's a game little kids can play (with some scoring help) and a game that someone pretty old could play. I am hoping to get a game in with my 91 year old grandpa yet. This product retails for $50 on Amazon- but I have seen it for less on a few sites. I also have a promo now that runs through TUESDAY that if you buy it for $49.99 with shipping you can receive a $20 Amazon or PayPal credit! Sweet! This game is put out by a company called Tactic Games. Check out their facebook page- seriously wish they would send me ALL their games! Thank you Tactic Games and Tryazon for sending me this game for free so I could shout from the world wide web rooftops-this game rocks! (all the words here are my own)