Sunday, May 31, 2009

Well I told Kjell we needed to start a blog, his response.... "why?" hummm. The main reason I wanted to start one was because we are about to embark on our second annual BAK. (Bike Across Kansas) and I have been keeping journals for both kids and figured I needed a way to only have to "write" once when it came to this trip because if it's anything like last year we will be doing a lot. Then I can just print it off and tuck it in the pages of their journals that I plan on giving them when they are 16. We will see if I keep up on this and if I can sway Kjell to participate, I mean he was able to get hooked to farm town why not blogging :) I'll have to figure out if I am smart enough to post a picture on here. The kids are growing TOO fast. Oh yeah I may not be doing the entire BAK because Justus hates not sleeping in his bed. We were going to try tenting tonight in the backyard but it is supposed to rain so we will hopefully try it tomorrow night.