Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hey guys well I just realized I have totally dropped the ball on writing on here! Yeah house no longer for sale, hopefully we are past the appraisal  part and the termite guy comes out on Tuesday and the inspector will probably come out next week as well. So barring anything we have totally missed the house will close on the 6th! So excited to see God move in the area- we are still waiting for a place to live on the other end. Having a harder time finding somewhere to call home but we know we will find something even if it's a very small 860 square foot place for the time being. Yes I did say 860 sq feet and yes I can't think too long on that or I will hyperventilate. lol Actually I am feeling pretty good about it right now. God is carrying me through this and I know He will handle it!

Oh yeah also in case you missed the news baby number four will enter the Nordgren household in December. God has a crazy sense of humor because we were planning to have a March-April baby. I never wanted to have a baby in December, I have always said that. So God gives us this gift and we actually found out about two weeks after we found out about Kjell's contract not being renewed. God must think we are very strong. And I am up for the challenge and seeing what amazing things He has in store for us. Hoping to find a dr who will at least let me attempt a VBAC, that is my prayer that this can happen. I should know more in about a week to ten days.

I also have a giveaway for my faithful readers... all 10 of you.... please leave a comment on here or on my facebook page. Just let me know you want to enter. It is for a coupon for a FREE bottle of Purex! I will have three winners and I know some of you may have won a different prize in the past and not received it.. yah sorry had a lot on my mind I will get you those prizes before I move! I promise!