Thursday, June 4, 2009

My blog has two followers. I guess if life was a popularity contest I would lose. It wouldn't be the first time I was never really popular when I was growing up. It changed a bit in college since I was a tennis player. We weren't really individuals we were just the "tennis girls" Ok so that wasn't even what I was going to talk about.

Last night Kjell met his dad around Clay Center and Baloit and then was his SAG the rest of the way back. Which meant a night at home with two kids by myself. I read an article a couple weeks back about a single mother who wrote a letter to married gals complaining about the things their husbands don't do right or don't do at all and how she was like she'd like to have any of them around to do "all the things wrong" at least she would be getting help. So that article was on my mind when a moth flew into the bathroom and Kjell wasn't there to kill it for me. It's amazing some of the things that he does around here that I just take for granted! So the moth lived to see another day in our house as I ran from the room so he wouldn't follow me to the bathroom.

I couldn't sleep last night and fell asleep shortly after two. I didn't realize that it had been a very long time since I had slept in our bed without Kjell there. In fact in our new bed I think it was the first night ever. Today was crazy I had a lunchen at 12:30 then Kiah and I got our hair cuts at 3:30. My wonderful little girl sat so still while she got her hair cut. I thought it would cut out all of her really blonde hair because it is coming in a bit darker but there is still about two inches of it left and it appears the sun is bleaching it out a bit. I thought it would be nice to have them for the BAK.

Tonight was my last night of Bible school. I'm sad to be done. I really had fun and I really do miss being out of my house and interacting with children. But I wouldn't change staying at home for anything in the world. It's just I LOVE being around children, however if and when I do go back to school, it's going to be to work with older kids. 1st and 2nd graders really are a lot of fun. I really do believe they act a lot like jr high kids though, only jr high kids have a bit more reasoning skills so to me it's easier to get through to them.

Tomorrow the adventure begins. I got Kiah all packed but since we aren't leaving until 4 she is the only one packed. Kjell's mom got her a cute shirt to wear it says "my grandpa rocks" perfect for what he has to do to get her across the state. The first few days are going to be really HOT. Pray that we can find some shade! We will see when I get to write again some schools give us their internet password and some do not.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New found respect

Well I have a new found respect for first and second grade teachers. Tonight was day two of Bible School. We had thirteen today, one more than yesterday. But today seemed a bit harder even though we had more helpers. It's a hard line to toe when you have kids that a super active and don't listen and you know they want your attention so they act out, and knowing how to handle so they don't disrupt others, but also so you don't give them too much attention and they see that it is working. AAHHH! It was fun and the kids are really enjoying the songs and everything else and hopefully learning more about God ( I know with the meals sometimes Bible school can just be a place parents send their kids so they don't have to feed them)

Tent night went good...for Justus. I really hate sleeping in a tent and the floor was hard so it was just hard but he only woke up at 4:30 and then again at 7:30. So we are hoping the BAK works out. It was cold and rainy so the first time in a long time that we didn't go for walk. The last day of my gym membership was today so I utilized that and went and walked on the treadmill.

Got the jars done for our fundraiser so tomorrow I will be taking them to 11 businesses. I hope it goes well we will leave the jars there for about two weeks. Pam had some LIVESTRONG bracelets in kids' sizes so they fit on the lids of the small mouthed jars, so I thought they looked pretty cool. Tomorrow Kjell leaves at 4PM to find his dad, where he may be on his bike!

Monday, June 1, 2009

So today was and IS still interesting. Kjell's dad is doing a fundraiser for a woman in Atwood who has cancer so my job was to call around to area businesses and ask if we could but jars there so that people could put money in them. Everyone was super nice and everyone said yes except for Duckwalls they aren't allowed to have cans. It's so neat to see small towns get behind people, the cable company was like oh I love Debbie can I put an ad on the TV for you (on the local station) was like YEAH YOU CAN. Well I was super excited about that so I called my Atwood partner who is helping me make the jars and she works at the school and she sounded bad so I asked her what was wrong and she said something really bad has happend that is school related I'll call you back in a couple minutes you and Kjell both need to be on the phone. Ok so the next ten minutes were the longest minutes in a long time. We were wondering two things Kjell lost his job (which really shouldn't have crossed our minds since he's already been handed a contract for next year) or someone died. Well someone died. She was a para in two of Kjell's classroom and basically the only person (besides himself) that Kjell really wanted to teach for him (she would take over the class sometimes on track days when he was gone) She also was the manager of the pool, she was 45. She just didn't wake up this morning. I've always had a really hard time with death. I know that God has a plan for our lives and if we have accepted Christ into our hearts this world really is nothing we should long for or long for others to have. But I MISS people, I have a tender heart when it comes to life. I still miss my great grandma imensly and still get teary just thinking about how much I miss her. She's been gone for over two years now. So that was the sad part of the day.

Today I walked forty five minutes (as I'm writting this I'm thinking why did I lable this Kjell and Laressa's blog when I have a feeling I'll be the only one to ever write!+) I've been walking a certain number of minutes each day for the past month. It's supposed to be three months to losing the babyweight. I haven't seen any proof of that yet but I feel more toned.

Tonight Kiah and I went to Bible school. I am in charge of the 1st and 2nd graders I don't have to teach I just take the kids to different areas and maintain peace. We had 12 kids today. It's interesting because they are doing the Bible school with several other churches, four different demonations all of which Kjell and I don't fully agree with, but we feel Bible School is ok. Wow do we miss our church in Spring Hill.

Right now I am sittng in a tent in our basement. We are practicing for the BAK. It took Justus awhile to fall asleep but he wasn't fussing just talking, and trying to crawl. YES trying to crawl where in the world did this come from? He hasn't even been interested in anything and now he's just going to try to hop right into crawling. Kiah hasn't fallen asleep yet, outside there is a storm coming so I'm glad we opted for the basement.