Monday, October 31, 2011

Best freebie I've gotten in a long time

So I just received one of the best products for free that I have ever gotten. I belong to a site that is heavily involved with Old Navy, I have heard about many of their products before they are on the web so when they recently asked about what clothes I like to wear- I loved their active wear line. I have tried to get picked to test several items for them but this was the first time I won! I got to get a pair of compression pants for myself plus a shirt. The fun part was I got to give the same (compression pants and top) to a friend. I didn't have to think long to know that I wanted to give my extra coupon to my mom. She was my partner when we did P90X back when I found out I was pregnant with Karis. We actually did that workout in 90 days- now with three kids I am not sure how I EVER made it. But it was something we can always say we did. My mother-in-law had to pick up the outfits for us so we shopped on line and then she took a couple pictures to make sure she got the right ones. The one thing that I had a problem with (if ordering online) is the size chart. At any other store I am a 8-10 so 8-10 on ON website was a medium I really wasn't sure I needed a M (I thought a L) but went with the size chart. Well the size chart did not fit so I had to have my mom-in-law to go back. I do think they look nice and they do compress. I just don't wear clothes like that too often out in public but I know when I do my Turbo Fire workout I will totally look just as hot as the other people doing the work out. No jiggle now lol

Thursday, October 27, 2011

PAM Cooking Spray

I was excited to get in the mail last week a new 9X13 pan with a nice spatula from PAM they also sent coupons for me for a free bottle of PAM and a free can of tomatoes. I am excited to try these out!

PAM Cooking Spray: Thanks PAM for my free can of cooking spray! Click here to download a $0.50 off coupon for the new #PAM *I received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today's mail

Today was another great mail day, actually it was a great fed-ex day because they are the ones that brought the big bag but if you have me on facebook you already saw the chips. I got this package because Frito-Lay is celebrating their Casa Grande they are working on lowering their carbon footprint- and recycle 75% of their water and have reduced their dependency on natural gas by 80%. They also send less than 1% of their waste to a landfill being able to recycle almost everything. I am always leary of these kind of companies and want to know, is this "helping the enviroment" costing me any money as a consumer? But I think they are doing a great job and I will enjoy my free chips!

I have talked about vocalpoint in the past and encouraged readers to sign up, however if you haven't here is a coupon you may want to log on and snatch. I do not know how much this item will cost in the store but am hoping this will be close to free when purchased
ok I'm trying to add a picture but it's not working. So they have changed stuff enough I don't knw how to add one. This is a new Vicks product and they want you to be the first to try it. Which means if you are in SW KS they want you to be the first to see if any stores carry it and wonder aimlessly looking for a product that can be hard to does happen I try to save "new product" coupons for trips to Wichita or Topeka.

I also did great today at dollar general- got all sorts of gardening stuff for next year and some toys, also some shoes for all the females in the household, a couple of things that can be used for Christmas and a couple that can be used for baby showers. Did I "need" everything I bought... probably not but I keep updated on our money all month and we are way under budget (not meaning we have to spend more but I knew it was ok to spend 25 bucks) so it was fun but now I HAVE to get to work. kids are sleeping, run is done for the day it is time to get the basement clean!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

happy monday mailbox

I haven't posted in awhile and not sure how long I will- I haven't heard that very many people read and no one made comment when I stopped so it's kind of sad. :( I am still saving money and getting all sorts of freebies but I like to share and want you guys to be as excited as me when you go to the mail each day.

Today was a great day for a Monday- I got W! magazine- I really can't stand this magazine and am happy that I will only get it two more months. I got Working Mother (I mentioned this one on a previous blog and on facebook) I haven't read any of them yet so I don't know how I feel about it. I get Ranger Rick and Big Backyard each month because I track how fast it gets to the post office. The kids love these two. Kjell got another 5 hr energy- I posted about this one as well. I also got a small box of kleenex- this was a facebook promotion that you send a free box to a friend- (thanks mom!) I got some toothpaste- I posted this freebie online as well- it comes from walmart. 2 huggies size 4 diapers from Sam's (also posted about this one) Plus a $10 off any $10 purchase at JCPennies- this is because I am a card holder. I also got a free product to rate and test all moms need to sign up for this there is ONE "survey" to do so they know how old your kids are then they just let you know if you fit you also get a monthly e-mail of all the toys/products that the testers thought were awesome. This is the first product I have tested. I do not think it is awesome. but it was free and looks like it retails for about 30 bucks I can't tell because the products web page is all in Japanese . here is that website. PLEase let me know if this website is helping anyone- I have a LOT to do in any given day and I don't want just be writing to an empty cyber space!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can I save you 120 bucks this year??

I think I can, do you have satellite? Do you have internet, do you have a home phone??? Call your companies for your monthly services (especially if you always pay on time) and say something like this! Hey I just really wanted to let you know I enjoy being a customer of _____ I am having some issues financially right now and I really don't want to cut back I was just wondering if there is anything you can do for me. Usually you can get at least 5 bucks a month knocked off one time I even got 10 dollars knocked off by a 5 minute phone call. Where else can you make $120 bucks in five minutes... legally?? Give it a try I'd love to hear any success stories (or even failed attempts) oh and if you do fail? Just call next week someone will give you a discount.

Another fun thing to do is sign up to receive emails from your favorite resturants. I am just thinking of this because Justus's birthday is next week. ESPECIALLy if you live in a bigger city because you can go out to eat every night for at least two weeks! Here are some names of places I am thinking of that send you something, Red Robin, On The boarder, Famous Daves, ice cream places Baskin Robbins (alright a Dodge City one!) Sonic, Kmart (for kids also Toys-r-us) there are a lot more if you are a fan of a restaurant just sign up. buffalo wildwings YUMMY cake!! TGIFridays... ok I'm making myself hungry and I need to get to work so there ya have it for today. Tomorrow I'm going to try to write about how we managed to pay off 10K in 8 months on one income...

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well my back aches my feet hurt and there are a ton of dishes to wash, YUP it was party day. I think it went rather well. We got to hold and feel (and take home) so many different MAM products thanks to Child's Play Party (check them out on facebook) I learned so much I need to have another kid! MAM makes bottles that can self sanitize in the microwave in three minutes (that was pretty cool) glow in the dark pacifiers, cool things for baby's teeth including fun toothbrushes for babies and toddlers and teethers. This was one of the best freebies I have gotten in a long time. I enjoyed so much learning about so many new products, but also as the breastfeeding peer counselor in town and just being a mom of young kids I know so many people who are pregnant or just had babies. It was so nice to be able to give them something. Everyone seems to be having money issues now and I always want to talk about freebies that I get, well it sure was fun tonight to be able to give away so many goodies to friends!!