Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can I save you 120 bucks this year??

I think I can, do you have satellite? Do you have internet, do you have a home phone??? Call your companies for your monthly services (especially if you always pay on time) and say something like this! Hey I just really wanted to let you know I enjoy being a customer of _____ I am having some issues financially right now and I really don't want to cut back I was just wondering if there is anything you can do for me. Usually you can get at least 5 bucks a month knocked off one time I even got 10 dollars knocked off by a 5 minute phone call. Where else can you make $120 bucks in five minutes... legally?? Give it a try I'd love to hear any success stories (or even failed attempts) oh and if you do fail? Just call next week someone will give you a discount.

Another fun thing to do is sign up to receive emails from your favorite resturants. I am just thinking of this because Justus's birthday is next week. ESPECIALLy if you live in a bigger city because you can go out to eat every night for at least two weeks! Here are some names of places I am thinking of that send you something, Red Robin, On The boarder, Famous Daves, ice cream places Baskin Robbins (alright a Dodge City one!) Sonic, Kmart (for kids also Toys-r-us) there are a lot more if you are a fan of a restaurant just sign up. buffalo wildwings YUMMY cake!! TGIFridays... ok I'm making myself hungry and I need to get to work so there ya have it for today. Tomorrow I'm going to try to write about how we managed to pay off 10K in 8 months on one income...

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