Monday, October 31, 2011

Best freebie I've gotten in a long time

So I just received one of the best products for free that I have ever gotten. I belong to a site that is heavily involved with Old Navy, I have heard about many of their products before they are on the web so when they recently asked about what clothes I like to wear- I loved their active wear line. I have tried to get picked to test several items for them but this was the first time I won! I got to get a pair of compression pants for myself plus a shirt. The fun part was I got to give the same (compression pants and top) to a friend. I didn't have to think long to know that I wanted to give my extra coupon to my mom. She was my partner when we did P90X back when I found out I was pregnant with Karis. We actually did that workout in 90 days- now with three kids I am not sure how I EVER made it. But it was something we can always say we did. My mother-in-law had to pick up the outfits for us so we shopped on line and then she took a couple pictures to make sure she got the right ones. The one thing that I had a problem with (if ordering online) is the size chart. At any other store I am a 8-10 so 8-10 on ON website was a medium I really wasn't sure I needed a M (I thought a L) but went with the size chart. Well the size chart did not fit so I had to have my mom-in-law to go back. I do think they look nice and they do compress. I just don't wear clothes like that too often out in public but I know when I do my Turbo Fire workout I will totally look just as hot as the other people doing the work out. No jiggle now lol

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