Saturday, August 19, 2017

A video about Smiley360

Watch this video on Smiley360 and the free products I get to try from them.  video

Friday, August 18, 2017

Word Slam Board game #Review

It's no secret that my family loves board games- so I always LOVE with Tryazon has new ones to try with our friends and family. We got to play this game with people from ages 92 (my grandpa who unfortunately I didn't get in one of these pictures) all the way down to my daughter who is 11 (and honestly one of the best players on both teams!) The game is a word guessing game sounds simple, easy, and already done right? Wrong! The rules are the person who knows the word can not talk, or make motions other than pointing at the word cards that they have placed in front of their teammates to see if they can get them to figure it out. There is a pile of verbs, adjectives, nouns and prepositions to choose from, and you have a certain amount of time to say the answer. The other team is going with the same word at the same time and sometimes I tried to hear what their guesses were to help my guesses along (completely legal but it sure didn't help my team! ) This game comes from a company called Thames And Kosmos and they have a BUNCH of cool things on their website! They have a game called Exit the game which is like the big craze of locked rooms and a time limit- Kiah is begging me to get one. They are only one time use games but only cost $15 a piece and there are several to choose from. I really want to get one for our next couples game night!

Thank you Tryazon and Thames and Kosmos for the free board game- I did not receive any other compensation and all the words here are my own.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

July Freebies

Hey look it's only the middle of August and I am done with JULY!!! I know I know still not as caught up as I would like to be but getting closer! I went from having over 1400 emails to down to averaging 300. Here are the fun things I got this month. Now that 2017 is halfway over I would say my three favorite sites are Crowdtap- just because it is fun and I get a lot of fun samples to try and a few $5 gift cards. Also the other super good one is Opinion Outpost, I am making about $20 a month from this company and I don't spend a huge amount of time with them but they do send a lot of emails. My very favorite is Tryazon. We had a party in June, July and I am hosting another one next week. I love working with this company.
C+R Research
July 31st $1 Amazon gift card

July 12th 3 RX Kids protein bars, 2 free product coupons and 2 $1 off coupons
July 28th $5 Amazon gift card

July 31st two packs of Tortillas to test

L’Oreal Beauty Company
July 1st Facial cleansing pad
July 26th $20 Amazon gift card

Opinion Outpost
July 23rd $20 Paypal

Parents August
Outside August

July 17th $25 credit (for filling out a survey)

My Coke Rewards
July 19th 500 MB of Data for Verizon phones

July 18th Bag of Organic Tostitos chips and a coupon for free Tostitos touch of lime salsa

July 5th moisturizer to test

July 9th Goatee Records tank top

July 16th   3Doodler Create Pens (one to be used as a door prize!), 10 extra packs of 3Doodler Create plastic, a DoodleStand and 2 Doodle Pads

Twitter Insiders
July 18th $5 Amazon gift code

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tostitos® Splash of Lime Flavored Chunky Salsa review

There is not much I like more than some good chips and salsa, so I was super excited when I got the opportunity to try the new one from Tostitos. Summer just isn't summer without chips and salsa! The new flavor from Tostitos is touch of lime. I thought it was pretty good although I do always prefer to have homemade salsa this was nice for a change. I liked the lime taste it was pretty obvious that it was there. I also loved the Simply Organic scoop chips as well. They were a great pairing. Thank you to MyMagazine Sharing Network and Tostitos for letting me have a free sample of this product. All the words and opinions here are my own.  

Saturday, July 29, 2017

June Freebies and Samples

I have been SO. FAR. BEHIND. (I am posting June as being done on July 29th if that makes the point anymore clear. I am finally getting to where I am not as behind thanks to Kjell giving me two days to have a "sabbatical" I was supposed to go out of town with a friend to help her drive to Kentucky and while there I was going to just hang out a lot and get caught up on e-mails and scrapbooking but we ended up not going so I told Kjell please give me that time and he did. I managed each day to get through about 200-250 emails get in my 10,000 steps for each day AND work on CASA stuff. I felt so productive and it is funny when I am caught up on recent emails I don't get as many because I no longer get reminders as to needing to do surveys I am behind on. So maybe I will get July done before middle of August. So here is the list of what I got this month. Not gonna lie- I kind of fell of the wagon remembering to write down all my magazines so there may have been more than what I have listed. TRYING to stop getting so many though I just don't have time to read them.
June 24th Body Wash to try for seven days

Family Fun June/July
Outside July
Parents July
Real Simple July
Redbook July/Aug
Sports Illustrated June 5th,  June 26th
Sports Illustrated Kids- June
Women’s Day July/Aug

June 15th Nautica  cologne

Mom’s Meet
June 24th 10 Black Forest Organic candy free product coupons, plus 22 $1 off coupons and information brochures

Opinion Outpost
June Shampoo to test for one month
June 29th $20 Paypal

June 14th one day of gummy vitamins plus a coupon

Smiley360 (twitter party)
June 2nd Premium BBQ Grill Mat and 3 piece stainless steel BBQ and grill set

Team Beef
June 19th $65 check for running the Bill Snyder Half for me
$65 check for running the Bill Snyder half for Kjell

June 14th two T-shirts, 3 head bands, a water bottle and 10  packs of discs with 50 water balloons each.

June 2nd 1 pack  (2 poptarts) of new Jolly Rancher Cherry poptarts

Just going to leave this here this month- if you have questions reach on on facebook or twitter and let me know which companies you have started working for. Tryazon has been my favorite lately we got another party in July and will be hosting again in August! So excited. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

RXBAR Kids Protein Bars Review

Thanks to Crowdtap and RXBAR Kids Protein Bars we were given the opportunity to try these new protein bars for kids. I will review them by flavor because my kids had different opinions about all three of them!

I will start with the green package- apple cinnamon raisin. It was the one the kids thought they would like the least. They actually thought it was "better than it sounded", as in they didn't think they were going to like it but they were all pleasantly surprised by the taste. None of the kids were sure they wanted me to buy a full box of that flavor though. The Chocolate one was next- the first thing I will point out is that my 4 year old though the chocolate chip was the poop emoji! lol that made us all laugh. I had two kids that loved this one and two that didn't. I also tried them and thought it tasted like a tootsie roll so the kids that like tootsie rolls loved it and the ones that don't didn't like it. Our favorite one was the very berry. All the kids thought it smelled like candy and were super excited to try it. They loved the fruity flavor and this one seemed less "protein bar" than the other two. With our free coupon we received the kids all said I should buy this one. Thank you Crowdtap and RXBAR Kids Protein Bars for the free samples- all the words in this blog are my own.

Monday, July 24, 2017

3D Pen by 3Doodler Review

When I first found out that there was a 3D pen we could try I was skeptical as to how it would work and if I, a very uncrafty person, would enjoy it. We got it roughly a week ago and used it for much of Karis' birthday party decorations and I LOVE it!! 3Doodler is the maker of this pen and their website is chalk full of templates you can print in order to make all sorts of fun stuff. We went little with hearts and flowers for on the cupcakes (taking less than 30 seconds a piece to make) , medium with Kiah age 11 loving making glasses and helping other kids learn to make them (about a 10-15 minute project depending on how much detail is added), to big with the Eiffel tower this probably took me about one and half to two hours, (leaning tower of Eiffel??) We started with two pens because I was supposed to give one a way as a door prize and one day we sat down and I didn't look up for four hours- that is how much fun we had with these pens!
here was a 3D pen we could try I was skeptical as to how it would work and if I, a very uncrafty person, would enjoy it. We got it roughly a week ago and used it for much of Karis' birthday party decorations and I LOVE it!!

They kind of work like a glue gun and one of my kids took awhile to get over the smell of the melting plastic. The tip does get VERY hot like leave a blister hot so it has to be used under adult supervision. After choosing a color I would push it in and twist it until it caught on to the pen and then it melts and comes up the end. I discovered I could make much better art if I only used it on the slow speed not the high. It was easy enough my 7 year old could use it but I think my 11 year old had the most fun with it (besides me who loved it!) I honestly was sad we had to give one away as a door prize but am glad we have another one. These are available to buy on Amazon and on sale right now for $89 down from $99 

Thank you 3Doodler and Tryazon for allowing me to host a party with this great product. I was given the product to try for free and all the reviews here are my own. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

May freebies and survey rewards

Oh my goodness! You know I am behind when it's July and I am just finally posting about what I got in May. I am also not going to lie- I may have missed some of the mail that came through as it's super hard to keep up when I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off (AKA summer!!!) Today I am sad that Coke points has retired all of their points for good things, they now have sweeps and stuff but you can't keep you points for years and years like we had done. Kjell and I used to find points at the recycling truck next to our apartment complex when we were first married. We are also no longer Sam's club members so I will miss the few freebies we had gotten from them the last few months. If you have any questions please ask :)

ALL community
May 11th All Free and Clear

Coke Points
May 15th 2 AMC movie tickets, a large popcorn and a large pop voucher
2 AMC movie tickets, large popcorn and large soda voucher
2 AMC movie tickets, large popcorn and a large soda voucher

May 24th $5 Amazon Gift Code
May 12th International Delight Coffee Latte Mix

C-Space Twitter insider
May 11th $5 Amazon gift code

May 9th $12.02 paypal credit

May 6th Code for a free 8X8 photo album

5 pack of Mr. Hyde pre-workout powder
a dime and address labels from March of Dimes

Outside June
Parents June
Real Simple May, June
Redbook June
Sports Illustrated May 8th
Woman’s Day June

Opinion Outpost
May 24th $20 paypal

Sample Source
May 10th Target brand 10 load laundry soap
May 15th  cereal bar, breathing strip, bona floor cleaner, lube

Sam’s Club
May 16th Code for a free magnet

Team Beef
May 15th $45 race reimbursement check

$45 Race reimbursement Check (Kjell)