Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tazo Chai products

I was introduced to Chai tea about twelve years ago in California at a place this Kansas gal had never heard of (Starbucks) and I fell in love with it there. Fast forward four kids and having lived in a lot of different places there really hasn't been money for YEARS to buy chai tea outside of products I can bring into my own home. So I am always trying to find new products to bring into my home to try. I had never tried the Tazo brand before but was excited to get a chance from Smiley360. I got to try some of their chai from their tea bags and then also got to try some of their concentrated stuff. I 100% prefer the liquid to the tea bags I just feel I get a stronger/better/sweeter flavor that way. I tried the chocolate latte mix first it was so great because you just put equal halves of milk and the concentrate together and microwave. The flavor is great and I LOVE the way this product is delivered. Oh I also saw in the info I received on them that they have a pumpkin spice flavor for this time of year. I better get me one of those before they are gone too! 

Thank you Smiley360 for sending me this product in exchange for my review. I got some free product and coupons in the mail in exchange for this review that is my words and mine alone. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy #Giveaway

I have over the past few years gotten to try several different Purex Crystals and I am so happy to be able to tell you about a new line of Crystals from Purex.
When I got the box in the mail I right away picked what color I wanted the most and decided I would like to have either the pink or the blue- opened the box and I got YELLOW! But after using for two weeks worth of laundry I am so glad that is the one I got. Out of all the Purex Crystals I have ever used this is my very favorite smell. I want all my friends who make their homemade detergent to know that if I were to tell you which scent to get to add to your laundry I would choose this one. On my sheet it said we should be able to find these on store shelves as a mid- October so I would like to know if anyone has seen them yet. I am excited to smell the other two. 

The Purex brand provided me with a sample of Purex Crystals Aromatherapy in exchange for a product review, However, all the opinions expressed are my own. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Best party ever! #vocalpoint #fisher-price

Oh my goodness I have hosted a lot of parties in the past but this one was probably one of the best ones ever. I always love getting new toys but I have never been able to share so many items with my friends.

we got to try out two new toys the Laugh and Learn Smart Stages train and the Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair. I was super excited about the train because my almost two year old LOVES trains so I knew this was going to be a success no matter what. I was right, the train not only has sounds and lights it MOVES!!! I love how both toys have three stages for learning because toys are EXPENSIVE and it's so awesome that I can buy my little guy a toy and he will not get tired of it for several more years. I also like that some of the things it talked about involved my kids getting up and moving around. There are three parts to this train so with several kids at the party it was nice to be able to hand the parts out to different kids and they all were entertained. I am not going to lie when I saw the chair I was like, hummm what in the world am I going to do with this and will the kids even like it since it doesn't move? However this toy was such a hit with the kids they all wanted to sit in the chair! I could not believe how happy they were with the chair and how entertaining it was for the kids. I also liked how this product has the three different learning stages which grow with my child. My older kids (ages 4, 6, 8 ) all enjoy the third level of fun. I would recommend both of the toys for mommies to get their kiddos. 

I was given this fun pack from Vocalpoint in exchange for my review. All words expressed here are my own. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Truvia brown sugar #yaybrown

Since I hosted a Truvia lemonade stand Truvia wanted to send me some of their newest product which I was extremly happy to try for them. Truvia has come out with their own line of brown sugar! I was so excited and the day I got it I had planned to make cookies anyways so it was perfect. I used the truvia sugar and brown sugar and was excited to see how they would taste. I thought that with all honesty the flavor was almost exactly like my regular recipe, I don't think if I served them to anyone they would notice a difference in taste. I wish I could be told how many calories are saved per cookie because when I eat cookies I love to eat a ton of cookies :) I have only one complaint since you use less product because somehow it still tastes the same but your other ingredients seem to be more, not sure if that makes since but you don't end up with quite as much product. My usual recipe of cookies makes 36 this recipe only made 30 so because of using smaller amounts of my sugar and brown sugar it made less cookies. I am not really complaining about that but people need to think about that when they use it because some may want to adjust a bit of the other ingredients as well. I am so excited that no one notices the difference that I will be using this product all the time.

Truvia sent me a free sample of this product and asked if I would review it, all comments here are mine and I thank you for checking out my blog.