Friday, October 3, 2014

Truvia brown sugar #yaybrown

Since I hosted a Truvia lemonade stand Truvia wanted to send me some of their newest product which I was extremly happy to try for them. Truvia has come out with their own line of brown sugar! I was so excited and the day I got it I had planned to make cookies anyways so it was perfect. I used the truvia sugar and brown sugar and was excited to see how they would taste. I thought that with all honesty the flavor was almost exactly like my regular recipe, I don't think if I served them to anyone they would notice a difference in taste. I wish I could be told how many calories are saved per cookie because when I eat cookies I love to eat a ton of cookies :) I have only one complaint since you use less product because somehow it still tastes the same but your other ingredients seem to be more, not sure if that makes since but you don't end up with quite as much product. My usual recipe of cookies makes 36 this recipe only made 30 so because of using smaller amounts of my sugar and brown sugar it made less cookies. I am not really complaining about that but people need to think about that when they use it because some may want to adjust a bit of the other ingredients as well. I am so excited that no one notices the difference that I will be using this product all the time.

Truvia sent me a free sample of this product and asked if I would review it, all comments here are mine and I thank you for checking out my blog.

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