Monday, May 29, 2017

April Freebies and FIDGET SPINNERS what???

Well something new entered my life this past month- I have on occasion helped my brother in laws with their business in Topeka and their big selling item the last few months have been the fidget spinners and cubes so I took a few home to try to sell and was shocked to discover that well there was a HUGE market for it for about a month so I am just now finishing up my month of April emails! I thought I would sell 20 and I ended up selling close to 500. I also did some online work for them this month so I just didn't have as much time to sit and do my emails. (If anyone missed ordering plesae get in touch with me on how to get your own!) That being said I got a lot of fun things this past month and will highlight a few of the companies. E-Poll- is a fun company if you can keep up with their emails. Not that they send a lot but if you don't answer within a few days then they aren't open I actually only get about 2-4 a week and they are usually about famous figures like do you recognize _____? It does take awhile to make a lot of money from them but only because they don't send that many emails. I also love the companies that continue to pay in COLD. Hard. CASH. My favorite. MySurvey is the exact opposite meaning they send like 10 or more emails a day. They drive me nuts but once again they pay in cash and I get about $50 every other month so I still consider them worth my time. So I will have a giveaway this month FINALLY. I don't have anything I won or received but I am going to give away a spinner IF I can give it to you I  WILL not be mailing it. I am going to have it close in time that I will know the winner in Meade so if someone in Meade wins I can deliver it there!  Scroll to the bottom to find the entry. 

Coke Points
May 16th 8X8 Shutterfly Photo book

April 22nd Mrs. Myers Body wash

April 11th $30 PayPal

Family Fun May
Family Circle May
Outside Magazine May
Parents May
Reader’s Digest May
Redbook May
SI Golf + April 10th
Sports Illustrated April 10th , April 17th  
Sports Illustrated for Kids April
Woman’s Day May

Opinion Outpost
April 11th $20 paypal

April 11th  sample size after shave balm, Sensodyne sample size tooth paste, Pure Leaf Tea bag, coupon for a free 8X8 Shutterfly book

April 14th $50 paypal

April 17th Arm and Hammer Spin Toothbrush
April 17th L’il Critters Vitamins
April 26th Oxi Clean Laundry Paks 18 count  

April 1st coupon for one free Snickers Bar

April 10th SpinTales Enchanted Duvet and pillow case, 5 20 piece puzzles, sticker sheets

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

International Delight® One Touch Latte™ #Review

I am a sweet coffee drinker- I never understand those who can drink it black. I was super excited to get to try the one touch latte. It was very easy to find in my grocer's store located with the other refrigerated creamer. There were three flavors to chose from and of course I had to choose the Mocha. The can says that it will make 7 lattes so far I have made four and it still feels pretty full. The product seems kind of like canned whipped cream. I loved the sound it made and how it made the steam rise I really should take a video to show how it sounds. It is very easy to make I just made my coffee (a bit hotter than usual to compensate for how this cools the coffee a bit) and then shake and hold for seven seconds. I thought that it tasted really good especially on the top of the coffee and I really enjoyed how it made my coffee look. I would recommend it and am so excited I got to try it. Thank you Crowdtap and International Delight for the free product coupon. All the words here are my own.    

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mrs Meyer's Clean Day Body Wash Review

Thanks to Crowdtap and Mrs. Meyer's I got to try a new body wash product. I had heard lots about Mrs. Meyer's products and how good they are, but up to this point I had never tried them. The first time I used the body wash I thought it was a tad runny but I think that was just the essential oils had settled on the top so now whenever I use it I turn the bottle upside down and back up again and it has been fine. I have been training for my half marathon in two weeks so I have been in the shower a lot more than usual from so many runs. I am glad to have this product with me along this journey as the scent is just so fresh and spring like it is the perfect time to be using it. I also thought that it made my skin feel really good, that oil in the product was great at doing what it was supposed to do without going overboard. I like that it doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it as well.

I was given a free sample from Crowdtap and Mrs. Meyer's in exchange for my review. All the words here are my own.