Monday, September 13, 2010

for my audience of not many

Good grief so I have totally let blogging slide. That's not really true but I think my priorities have changed slightly. Since the last time I wrote we have had a baby (July 23rd 2010 at 7 47 in the morning she weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz ) we named her Karis (sounds like Paris) LouAnn (my mom's middle name and Kjell's mom's middle name) A week after that we moved to Meade to a house we thought was smaller than our last one but soon realized it is larger just hard to find places to store things in (ie no unfinished basement to just send castoffs into) Kjell started a new job, he is now an English teacher not a Social Studies teacher (don't tell him that though). Kiah started a new school as a peer model for an at risk class and now goes to school Monday through Friday from 12:10 to 3:10 and gets to ride the school bus. She LOVES it mommy still misses her old preschool and the fact that they could have Jesus time and I liked all the kids in her class. With being in an atrisk class Kiah is around students whose parents lead slightly different lifestyles from ours so she is seeing more of the world than I would like my little four year old to see but I pray not only can she be a school peer model but a spiritual peer model.

Kjell and I started helping with the Trek program here just like we had in Atwood only instead of like 5 total girls we have about 35 each week. We aren't in charge and I am super glad for that. It has been fun the two weeks so far. Our house also sold, and once again we got to see the hand of God and his perfect timing in our life.

We had planned to go to Colby for my 6 week (only we went at 5 since six would have been Labor day) appointment so I could finish all my bills out with one doctor and get cleared so maybe I can get some insurance now that I'm not pregnant. As we were on our way our realitor called and said she had an offer on our house. Now that just doesn't happen houses in atwood tend to sit, and sit and sit. Some of the house we looked at three years ago just recently came off the market we were hoping and praying for maybe a years worth of waiting at best. The offer was a lot lower than we wanted but after some haggling we got it sold at a very resonable price for everyone involved. So since we were on the way there we got to sign all the preliminary paper work that weekend sleep in our house one last time (and shed A LOT of tears we did so much to that house !) We will probably close by the end of this week. So the house is already being lived in by their stuff we only had it on the market one month that we didn't actually live in it. So very amazing. God is so good!

Three kids is a HUGE difference to me than two kids. I have felt like I just can't get everything done. But I did go from cleaning 7 rooms in the old house to 12 so that makes some difference. I just feel like I can never get everything done. As we speak I have 223 new messages in my google reader and about 500 e-mails. I haven't written in my blog in forever I guess I just don't get on line as much as I had been I just spend more time with the kids and what will really matter when it's all said and done is them. I'm just glad one of the biggest messes in my life (my email and google reader) is something no one else can tell how cluttered it is.

We have found a new play group and gone to that once, it meets every other week and there were a TON of people there last time. We really enjoy our church already and now with living in Meade and Kjell working in Minneola we are adjusting to trying to be involved in two communities. Oh and probably where a lot of our time is going. My parents live here it has been so nice to have that I think we we didn't Kjell and I would both think we had two very horrible children. It's sad to say but Kiah and Justus bring out the worst in each other. several times we have taken one of them with us along with Karis and gone somewhere. And they act great but when you put those two together oh my they sure do love to fight! I'm also probably going to get fat living in Meade. The first weekend we were here my mom and dad took me to an orchard and made me pick 100 pounds of peaches. just kidding we all picked! They were the best peaches I have ever had you could eat them while you picked. Mom and I made about 24 peach pie fillings to freeze and several cobblers and crisps Kjell thought we were going to be cooking every night we lived here! Mom also likes to give us her cast off desserts so she doesn't eat them all.... so then I eat them all ... lol.

I could write for about an hour more but I forgot to mention I am also doing a Bible study on the book of Hebrews and that's exactly what it is IN Depth study I feel like I'm taking a master's college class. I also worked out for the first time today since before Karis was born... I miss that feeling I used to get from being done and feeling good.. and then going in to the kitchen to grab a cookie..... so for my audience of maybe two... hope you enjoyed :)