Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Do you DOOO all day

Ok if anyone reading this is a stay at home mom, I'm sure they have heard this line before. Frankly stay at home mom's seem to get a pretty bad rap, like we are lazy or just couldn't work outside of the home or something. But really some of us actually signed up for this job and LOVE it. But let me tell you what a "mommy sick day" is like. See there is no such thing as a mommy sick day, I wish! I woke up at 5 with a terrible sore throat and my body felt like it had been hit by a truck (I do say this last part was self induced as I started a new program in my workout schedule yesterday but that is besides the point) I took some Tylenol and prayed this was one of those days the kids would sleep in. But by 7 20 (and I know some of my momma friends will see this as sleeping in but when I'm wanting a sick day... it's not. I heard a crying baby and I walk into her room and she's once again standing up and she looks at me crying and says momma. Ok so it's early but she just called me momma for the very first time so I am TOtally not mad. So I take her into my bed and by 7:40 here comes Justus. The problem with letting Justus into the bed is he has not figured out that self control is important when one is crawling over someone in the bed, after a few knees to my head throat and chest area he is finally in the bed. Then by 8:01 (she knows she has to stay in bed until 8) In comes big sister and thus starts the fighting over anything and everything for the day.

I still don't feel good but I know the kiddos must have breakfast, but this morning Kiah has decided she wants a tea party. So I tell her she can take care of the details (like using the fridge water and ice machine to make the "tea and sugar" no problems there until I hear her shouting "Justus spilled his tea!!!" Now these cups are tiny when I walk into the kitchen I'm not sure how he spilled at least three cups worth out onto the floor and all over the table and yesterday's mail that never got put away.. but he does. Luckily the rest of breakfast goes off without a hitch.

Next step is getting the kids dressed which used to be easy until Karis refuses to lay still during a diaper change. I thought it was boys who liked to wiggle but I have gotten pretty good at keeping a diaper in tact when I have half of a baby facing me and a little booty staring up at me instead of the nice calm collected child I thought I was going to have! I can no longer use the changing table to change her clothes but rather have to sit on a chair holding her and trying not to let her wiggle out of my arms.

The next hour there was peace, ok I admit it, Tinkerbell and her little fairy friends helped the older two and a nap helped the youngest but I had a letter I had to get out to someone and had to find my wallet before our 11 o'clock drs appointment.

We actually made it to the dr in Fowler with 15 minutes to spare. I guess we are always so late anymore I wanted to make sure to get there on time. So we stopped into the post office to see my mom for a couple minutes and then went over to the clinic where Karis tipped the scales at 18 lbs 11 oz for her 9 month old checkup. Did I mention this was her first baby check up since her 6 week one, yeah but number three it's just harder to get to the doctor. (she is up to date on her shots though we can do those at the health department) I think over the sound of Kiah and Justus screaming like banshees and whacking as hard on the keyboard they brought into the room and throwing each other on the floor and all that stuff. I found out that Karis probably has allergies, the words tubes in her ears, zertec, cat-scan, Vaseline, antibiotic all came up but yeah I don't remember much of what happened because frankly I couldn't hear over the roar.

Then I got a couple minutes break by taking the big kids do the park so I could nurse Karis in the van. We then proceeded to Neon 57 which I love but today I was not a huge fan. When you walk in at 11 45 and are not able to get out of there until 1 o'clock it's just not that much fun. Not too much happened in there just a few melt downs by Kiah because she wanted an ice-cream cone and.. ooops I said NO.... Rushed back to Meade dropped Kiah off at school and was excited for a little bit of a relaxing afternoon until I started smelling something. Knowing that one of the kids had a dirty diaper. Well the good news was it wasn't Justus. The bad news was when I got to Karis I picked her up and her jeans squesed I know this isn't a word but that is what they did. I knew I was in trouble. I knew I was about to see what three days without a bowel movement looked like and frankly I was wanting my sick day just about then right then.... please.... Got her to her room without incident but then realized the poop had spread up her onsie. Thank the GOOD Lord that I had put her in a button down the front onsie and this mess wasn't going to have to go over her head. However it didn't matter by the time I had gotten the jeans off of the little one there was poop all over her room. I got her and her poopy diaper into the bath got the diaper off then ran some water. It took ten minutes just to get the water clean so I could run it there was poop everywhere. And now I had it all over my shirt.

Justus starts getting naked and the two take a bath together, I go and grab the changing pad off out of Karis's room so I can clean that while watching the kids. Had to scrub it three times with two different cleaning supplies before most of it came out. Finally get the kids out of the tub (unwillingly ) dressed (unwillingly) and laying down for a nap (unwillingly) put a load of laundry in and then decide instead of taking a nap and letting all these things run through my mind I should post on my blog because frankly I haven't and also no way no matter how sore my throat is our how much my body aches I can't nap because I don't want to miss Kiah when the bus comes.

So if you ever ask me (which doesn't happen anymore with three) or you ever think of asking any stay at home mom "What do you Do all day?" and they just smile at you, and move on. Don't get offended they probably would have much rather slapped ya in the face and said, "how was your last sick day?"