Friday, May 13, 2016

Purex Plus Clorox 2 #Review #Giveaway

Laundry day, some people cringe at that word because it just takes SO. MUCH. WORK! But I actually love laundry day, which sounds crazy since there are six of us I have to do laundry for. I run my washer and dryer all morning on laundry day and then spend all afternoon while my little guy is sleeping folding and catching up on TV shows. Another reason I love laundry day is just getting to work with great products and I was so happy to get to try out the new Purex plus Clorox 2. I knew I had two tough stains I was going to need to fight yesterday. One was a mud stain on khaki pants and the other was one of my kids sat in paint (not oil based something they used at school) with gray shorts, and I had scrubbed and scrubbed it before I threw it in- no no avail I thought the shorts were ruined. I was very surprised to see that both the stains came out, in one wash- this is not always the case with clothes I wash.
The claim on the bottle is that this detergent can work on 100 different stains. I am sure I will give it about 20 more to try before the bottle is gone with summer almost here and four kiddos getting dirty in my household. I love the Purex brand and how affordable it is which is why I am excited to be able to give away three free product coupons. Just enter in the rafflecopter below. 

The Purex brand provided me with a sample of Purex plus Clorox 2 Detergent in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

IO Blocks #Review #Tryazon #Guidecraft

My family and I were one of the chosen families that got a chance to play/learn with the IO Blocks. The tub we got had 500 pieces and several building cards that showed us some pre designed projects we could make. It also came with a tracker mat which was pretty cool too. I am going to walk you through how you can build a project on the card it shows you the number of each piece you need, you then (after downloading the app) use the app to find what you are building and point it at the tracker. Then you hit the play button and it unbuilds then rebuilds the project and it looks 3D! The cool thing is being able to move the phone or the tracker to see all angles of what you are trying to build. We got these out the box the first day we got them and didn't move from them for over an hour. The projects can be a bit difficult for the younger kids to make but once my kids realized that they didn't have to build the pictures and just free play, they came up with all sorts of fun ways to use them. The box says 4+ for the age and I would tend to say 3+ because Javan loves them and several of the kids who tried them out were close to four and enjoyed them. I would say though that my 4th grader LOVES LOVES LOVES to try to build all the pages though! My kids' science teacher is going to try it out with several of her classes next week and I think as far as the app goes 3rd grade and up really enjoy it. It takes a lot of brains to use this. Every adult who has handled them as ended up spending at least 20 minutes playing with them which I think is a testament to how great they are. And I am not a teacher but these are supposedly great for the STEM education thing they do at school. Science Technology Engineering and Mathmatics and I have to agree that they do well with all of this!

Thank you Tryazon and Guidecraft for allowing my family to share these blocks with others and just get to know such a great product. I was provided a free sample in exchange for my review all the words here are my own.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Johnsonville Grillers Review.

This is the second time around that I got to try the Johnsonville grillers. You can check out my previous post here. I was so super excited after trying them last year. They were super easy for me to find in MY grocery store and I got to have the cheddar bacon ones and they were- Ah-maze-ing... SO I was a quite disappointed when I went to my grocery store this year and only found the original ones at my grocery store. I need to discuss this with them! It was also my fault because twice I went out of town and forgot to use my coupon! That being said I liked the texture of these. I love how easy they are to grill and my kids love them. However I was pretty disappointed in the taste of the original- not that they were bad but that the cheddar bacon ones were just OH SO DELISH!!! So I would recommend buying these for your summer grilling pleasure but make sure to try them in a fun flavor- there were several others Swiss cheese and mushroom, and steakhouse onion (that was the flavor I really wanted to try this time!!) I bought them at my grocery store for $5.99 and there are six in a pack. That was the sale price but my store is pretty pricey I would love to know how much these were at Dillons. If anyone wants me to come try a flavor with them this summer just give me a call! 
All the words here are my own, I was given a free sample from Crowdtap and Johnsonville in exchange for my review. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Products you never knew you needed but now that you know!!!!! #tryazon, #SOI, and #whoosh

I have a purse that I have actually nicknamed the blackhole. It is deep and it doesn't have many pockets so I lose EVERYTHING in it. So when I got the chance to try #SOI purse lights I was super excited to see how they would work. These little light orbs are so fun. I just throw one in my purse and then whenever I open it up, or put my hand in it it turns on and I can actually see the bottom of my purse! To me one of the coolest things about it is the fact that it takes triple A batteries so it will be able to keep running for a long time. These lights retail for 39 dollars (wow I was not expecting it to be that high!) but are on sale on Amazon.
I was also sent some #WHOOSH tech spray that I was using on cell phones, Ipads and computer screens. This spray comes with it's own little rag to wash the screens off, and does a great job of removing finger prints and helps not pick any new ones up for a while. I think between all the friends' tech I had I cleaned 12 screens over the past few days and everyone was very impressed with how clean they looked when we were done. This product retails (as shown the two different sized bottles and the two towels) for $16 dollars- and after 12 screens cleaned it still looks like it's full so they last a long time.

Thank you to the three companies who allowed me the chance to try these with my friends and family Tryazon, Soi and Whoosh. All the comments here are my own.

ARM & HAMMER Truly Radiant toothpaste and spin brush #Review #Crowdtap

I have tried Arm & Hammer toothpaste in the past, I have tried whitening paste with baking soda in the past so I was a bit worried that this would have a nasty salty taste to it. I was very surprised at how good this toothpaste actually tasted! I also thought that it did a very good job of cleaning my teeth. I also go to try out the new spin brush. What fun and such a deeper clean. I think these are both great products. My kids are jealous of the electric toothbrush. I am glad to finally have one to have that deep clean feeling after every brush.

I was given a free sample by Crowdtap and Arm and Hammer in exchange for my review all the words here are my own.