Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tryazon and Banza Bonanza Party #Review

Two reviews in one day! This weekend we were finally able to celebrate this little guy's birthday. The timing was perfect. I had won a party with Tryazon and Banza Bonanza Mac and Cheese. What kid doesn't like Mac and Cheese? This product is a lot different than most mac and cheese. The noodles are made out of chickpeas! This means that the product has a LOT more protein and fiber than a normal mac and cheese. I was surprised at how fast it filled my kids up and how they didn't need the three bowls like they normally do when they eat this kind of product. It sure filled them up faster! It also has about half the carbs so it might be good for someone who is trying to cut carbs but wants to enjoy the goodness of mac and cheese every once in awhile! We also got to try some Protes chips these were invented when someone was sitting on their couch eating a protein bar and realized that was basically the only type of high protein snack and he wanted something else. They have an interesting taste I liked the nacho cheese ones a lot. They had a sweet treat too with the coconut flavored ones. Here are a few more pictures from our day.


all products were given to me at no charge by Tryazon and Banza. Thank you for that! All the words here are my own. 

Aveeno Positively Radiant #Review

My first blog of 2017 and it doesn't come until almost the end of January. But I have about four more just about ready to be posted as well. What better way to start the new year though than with some new facial products. I got to try two one is Aveeno's new positively radiant 60 second in shower facial and the other is also from the Aveeno positively radiant line and it is an overnight hydrating facial moisturizer.
Let me tell you, I am so happy about this product. It just makes my skin feel so super soft and lovely. I have always trusted the Aveeno name- I mean it was the first product I put on most of my kids because their skin was so sensitive so it makes sense that their product line would do so well with my sensitive skin. The 60 second in shower facial was really fun to use. It has a bit of an abrasion to it and you just put it on your face and then after about a minute wash it off. The first time I used it that evening when I was putting my moisturizer on I was shocked at just how soft my face was. It did seem to wake my skin up a bit. The moisturizer is just beautiful. I am not sure I have ever described the look of a moisturizer in that way but it had sparkles! Now if those transferred onto my face I do not know. This product is only supposed to be used about every other night and at NIGHT so I would always put it on right before going to bed. It felt so nice going on and left my skin feeling refreshed and when I woke up I could tell I had used it the night before. The moisturizer also had a soft lemon scent to it and by soft I mean very soft but it was just enough to make me feel relaxed. 

Thank you Crowdtap and Aveeno for my products that I received for free in exchange for my review. All of the words stated here are my own.