Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tryazon and Banza Bonanza Party #Review

Two reviews in one day! This weekend we were finally able to celebrate this little guy's birthday. The timing was perfect. I had won a party with Tryazon and Banza Bonanza Mac and Cheese. What kid doesn't like Mac and Cheese? This product is a lot different than most mac and cheese. The noodles are made out of chickpeas! This means that the product has a LOT more protein and fiber than a normal mac and cheese. I was surprised at how fast it filled my kids up and how they didn't need the three bowls like they normally do when they eat this kind of product. It sure filled them up faster! It also has about half the carbs so it might be good for someone who is trying to cut carbs but wants to enjoy the goodness of mac and cheese every once in awhile! We also got to try some Protes chips these were invented when someone was sitting on their couch eating a protein bar and realized that was basically the only type of high protein snack and he wanted something else. They have an interesting taste I liked the nacho cheese ones a lot. They had a sweet treat too with the coconut flavored ones. Here are a few more pictures from our day.


all products were given to me at no charge by Tryazon and Banza. Thank you for that! All the words here are my own. 

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