Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tryazon Kaskey Kids Football Guys #Review

Thanks to Tryazon and Kaskey Kids we got to have a football guys party during our Super Bowl Party!

Kaskey toys reminded me just a bit of several different toys- that one game my older brother used to have when we were kids- there was a "football field" that you could plug into the wall and line football guys on and then it would vibrate and the players would move? That was a classic! These toys are also reminiscent of the army men that many kids have grown up playing with.

From there things are a little different than anything out there on the market. While we got to try out the football guys, there are also soccer guys, soccer girls, baseball guys, hockey and a handful of college teams that can be ordered as well! I liked the size the guys were because we went to a play group with my son and there are some little kids there and these are ok for them to handle! The classic packs come with a felt football field, two goal posts and a ref that is holding his hands up in the touchdown position. They come with two quarterback, two running backs, four receivers/d-backs, 8 utility players and 10 linemen. The colors were got were red and blue and a set of green and black. I only had one issue with the players, where is that poor guy who kicks field goals? So sad there is no kicker lol! Something else a few of the kids didn't like was that there is no actual ball, there is a ball in the QB's hand and one under the RB's arm but several asked where the ball was. Several other kids did not care and were able to make a very imaginative game.

The other cool use of these football guys is as cake toppers. Kiah and I had fun making cupcakes to take to our party with some of the football guys.
These could be a great addition to a child's birthday party. We had a lot of fun with them and tried to make them as close to the two teams in the super bowl as we could with what we had been given.

The last thing we plan to do is we got a tray of football guys mystery boxes - we plan to use these as our Valentine's for the boys in the younger three kids' class with a fun pinterest savvy saying on them. 

All of these products can be found on Amazon- check it out and see what all they have!  

This is a product I see Javan playing with for a long time- if you have kids who like to sports this may be perfect for them. Thank you Tryazon and Kaskey Kids for sending us the products to share with our friends. We received them for free in exchange for our review. All the words here are my own.
our team didn't win this year! 

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