Sunday, February 12, 2017

Luvsome cat food review

My fluffy cat and I were excited that we got picked to try the new Lovsome brand of cat food (and dog food for those with dogs) that they have at Dillons (or Kroger) The first thing we tried out were the cat toys- apparently our cat is not a cat toy fan. She adopted us so we don't know much about her past life (we have had her for almost a year) but it obviously does not include cat toys! However we know for SURE that she was only fed wet cat food, because whenever we get it- she just chows down on it. She absolutely LOVED it!

If you buy this product for you cat it is smart to try to slowly implement it into their diet so that it doesn't hurt their tummies. I had to buy the dry food at our local Dillons with my free coupon. I was impressed with the price and the quality of this cat food. I will be buying it for future cat food purchases for sure!
Thank you Luvsome and Crowdtap for sending Lightning free samples of your new cat food. All the opinions and words here are hers and her owner- me Laressa.  Thanks for reading!

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