Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time line

Here is our next few weeks
Tomorrow Going away coffee for me 9:30 -11:00
Friday Kiah goes to Bible School
Saturday Kjell's championship swim meet in Lexington NE (no I will not be going)
July 23rd Baby is BORN
July 24th Kjell takes the test to see if he will be certified to teach his new subject ENGLISH... has to drive to Hays the day after baby is born... no pressure
Aug 2nd Moving day
Aug 9th Kjell starts his new job

naw we aren't busy or stressed.............................

quiet house

I'm not sure what I expected when Kjell told me he planned to go to Topeka right before the baby came. He wanted to take Kiah but I said he had to take both kids. (Kiah is the very enjoyable one who can self entertain.) Justus is still at the age where he needs to be watched A LOT and follows me while I'm cleaning and undoes the work. So I made a list of what needed to be done (besides hosting a basement sale on Saturday) and already my list is finished, my email is caught up no small feat for me because I average 45 a day with my surveys and freebies stuff. I got all the boxes packed I said I needed to, I've watched WAY too much tv and I scrapbooked 14 pages. I'm so glad they are coming home on Tuesday. Any longer and I think I would go crazy. It's been nice to get some things done but I miss them! It's funny Justus and Kiah sound the same on the phone. I know them apart though because Kiah uses words and Justus doesn't but their voices sound the same. Tomorrow I have a coffee with a group I joined when we first moved here. They are doing it as a going away for me which I think is really nice. As long as I don't forget about it, I've had to remind myself four times I have plans in the morning. Oh and I've even wrote in the kids' journals if I didn't have kids and I didn't have a job..... wow I would be bored out of my MIND..... I guess the good thing is I still have the little one karate chopping my ribs to remind me I'm not alone :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I honestly say every time I have a long pause I'm going to write better. But I never do. Honestly I wonder at times what I would do if I did have a "real job" outside of the home because it's hard to keep up with everything all the time just staying home.

This summer is totally flying by and in less than two weeks we will have another child my ribs couldn't be more ready with all of the pain I have been in the last few months. I finally (yesterday) broke down and started taking Hydrocodin again. It's supposed to help the pain and it did yesterday but today I took two and it didn't even touch the pain. I remember that after Justus was born yeah I had a huge long gash out of my lower stomach but there was INSTANT relief from my ribs. I tell you what as soon as the uterus gets big enough to touch that spot it's like a constant burn.

In about three weeks we are moving. It's been pretty bittersweet. We can't help but laugh when we find ourselves in tears over leaving this house. When we got here we were in TEARS and wanted to run after our friends and go back to Spring Hill. The house was horrible I still look at the "before" pictures and want to throw up. It was just an awfully maintained never updated house. But we put so much sweat, work, ideas, dreams, and even some money to make it what it is today. It's ours and it's almost like we are losing a part of us by having to leave it behind. But with the Atwood market we can probably visit it for at least three more years because it will still be on the market. lol! I will miss my porch and Justus's room the most. His room is my favorite room in the house because it was all my dream the colors and the stripes. I just love it. I feel bad for Kjell too because he put so many hours into the yard. And it's finally getting where he wanted it, and we can't see the fruits of our labor.

I am alone for the weekend not sure if that deserves a happy face or a sad face. Some minutes I'm glad for the silence others I miss the kids and Kjell so much. I do have a VERY long to do list with scrapbooking being my break. Seeing as Justus is yet to be born in photographs I have a long way to go! I had a garage sale today and tomorrow after church I will work on getting Kiah's room more packed. Today I worked on the bathroom a bit and realized I will never in my lifetime have to buy shampoo again. Too many sales on Sauve over the years has us with about 10 free bottles of that stuff and then I get so many free samples. Good grief I didn't know I had so much!

Speaking of free samples last month was a very good month I'll mention my tops because it would take me all night to mention all the goodies. I keep getting gerber formula coupons because they think I have an 11 month old (?? tried to fix it online but it wouldn't let me) so I sell them on ebay so I had some of those and sold them for 10 bucks so that was nice, a secret deodorant, those always seem to come in spurts but I love when I get them because it's really at least a months worth of free deodorant! I got a gillette power razor that Kjell is TOTALLY jealous of he told me it looks like a boy's razor that is just because he wants to use it. That one took me forever to get because I kept misreading the form and barely got it figured out in time to get one! I got another small bottle of pantene shampoo and conditioner. I think that makes five of those now. Not sure why they keep coming! a Ritz Crackerfulls sample oh my goodness those are YUMMY. They will be on the list of things to buy (see free samples really do make people buy things, for me not often but sometimes they do) Oh yeah totally forgot (which is why I type these all up now. I won another houseparty last month and got a gazillion things for my frebreeze party here's what I got 1 Febreze apron, 1 pack of napkins, 2 febreze room sprays, 5 flameless luminaire starter kits, 8 set and refresh starter kits (Hawaiian aloha), 8 set and refresh starter kits (linen & sky), 10 scented reed diffusers, 18 luminaire refills, 20 Sandra lee entertaining tip cards, 180 set and refresh coupons (house some of these products are 15 bucks in the store I think the whole pack was worth 300-400 dollars. Now I didn't keep all that I had several friends over for a party and then gave some to my mom and mom in law as well. Crystal light samples came too three of them. I can't wait to try them I need to. add to that small stuff and A LOT of magazines and you have my month

As for surveys last month was awesome for that too I made $103 dollars last month. It was a good month and I am really happy with pineconeresearch now. You have to apply to them during "open registration" but you get about one survey a week and you get 3 dollars then sometimes if they think you fit what they are surveying about you may get a sample to test in the mail and then do a follow up survey for another 3 dollars. It's not very many surveys but it's an automatic 3 bucks in my paypal account which I enjoy.

Please pray for us as we face the road ahead I see baby and moving in our future but I also have a husband who has to take (and pass) a test to be certified in a new subject the DAY after the baby is born and get lesson plans done for a totally new subject. It is going to be quite the adjustment for the whole family. I still don't see how people who don't have Jesus in their lives can handle any kind of situation like this. If I didn't have Jesus I'd be freaking out big time right now... I love the peace he can give me