Wednesday, August 26, 2015

#simplifyit products #review #tryazon #gotitfree

Thanks to #Tryazon I got to try out some pretty cool products with my friends. There is the flip-it and the collapse it.
my friend Lora here is showing off the cool flip it product. This is to help solve the problem of never being able to get to the very bottom of containers and getting your money's worth. I have used it on my body wash and I love it- instead of having to sit there and bop it and wait till it gets to the top I just leave it in the bathroom like this and my soap is always ready to go. You can also use these products on food bottles like ketchup or chocolate syrup. The Collapse-It are storage containers that you can put in the microwave, freezer, or oven and they work in all those conditions the cool thing about them is that when you want them to be stored all you do is collapse them down and they basically don't take up any space.  I really enjoy both products although the Collapse-It is my favorite because I need some space savers in my house!

Thank you Tryazon and Collapse-It and Flip-It companies for giving me these products free of charge. All the words here are my own and I love telling my readers about new products! 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Snuggle Bear Den Adventures

So I am part of a community that sent me a FREE little Snuggle Bear to go on some summer adventures with us. We had a great time taking him to the Bentemen family reunion and going on some swings and slides and then getting to go on the train around the park in Gage Park. It was a lot of fun, hot but fun, and we got some really good pictures. After this event Javan kind of took over being Snuggle Bear's tour guide and has laid claim to him staying in his room. Enjoy the pictures below!

thank you snuggle bear den community for our free little bear. I was asked to take him on an adventure all the words here are mine. And in return we got to keep the bear