Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dabble Board Game #Review

Nothing like meeting the almost sis-in-law's family over a board game. You can learn a lot about a person from how they play a board game. There was a certain game that Kjell and I stopped playing early on in our marriage because it was the only reason ever in our marriage that we have gone more than a day without speaking to each other. It is fun to see who is competitive and who is not. So when I found out we would all be at Kjell's parent's for Memorial Day weekend I knew after the BBQ was the time to pop out my new game, called Dabble

It is a fun word game that reminded me a bit like Scrabble but better- easier in some ways and harder in others. I loved how my eight year old daughter really enjoyed playing, but her grandma also thought it was a great game it's one of those games where you can probably say ages 8-98! The goal of the game is to be the first one to make your tiles a 2,3,4,5 and six letter word on your board. It's a bit easier because they do give you a lot of vowels. That was truly helpful! It was a fun game where you are making your individual board but it's also not so quick paced that there couldn't be some friendly bantering going on! 

We had two games going the night we played one group was playing as pairs and then we had the other game as individuals. Even this way there was dominance presented by a certain duo, who played both the individual game and the team game. So they got to go home with their own game.
So excited to get the opportunity to play this game and give you my review. It is always fun to try new games and I love playing games with both sides of my family- we play games all the time. It was fun to get a new one we had never tried. Thanks Dabble and Tryazon for giving me a free product in exchange for my review. All the words stated here are my own. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Johnsonville Grillers #Review

I was so excited to get to try these- especially when I saw that they had CHEDDAR and BACON ones. They were easy to find, even having them in Abilene. We decided to cook them up and invite some friends over. Here they are in the upper right hand side of this pan- not too appetizing of of the box and I was afraid they were going to shrink. They didn't shrink and they actually were beautiful and plump as well.  

Here is one of them on Kjell's plate- we actually didn't get any close ups because everyone just devoured them. They were so good so amazingly good. I can not wait to get my next box of these. They do come in different flavors but I would highly recommend this flavor. I didn't actually see any bacon pieces but the cheddar was very present and the taste was amazing. 

Thank you Crowdtap and Johnsonville for giving me a free sample of this product in exchange for my review. All words stated here are my own.