Sunday, May 17, 2015

Renuzit Pearl Scents #Review and #Giveaway

We have a little game we play here when we get one of the boxes from Purex insiders. If there are different scents Karis and I always choose which one we hope is in the box. Well this time the picture was of five different ones and we picked our two favorites and then opened the box. Only to find they were the two that neither one of us had picked! LOL However we have been using the two we received for the last few weeks now and are very happy with the scent.
The one thing we did notice though was we thought this product worked much better in our smaller rooms, the scent kind of got lost in our bigger rooms but made a big impression in our bathroom. 
I was super excited this time to also get to refresh a spot in my home- If anyone knows me it's hard for me to decorate much in my house I feel like having four kids I don't want too many extra items to have to dust or worry the kids will knock off the wall when they kick a soccer ball in the house- because YES that does happen from time to time. So as soon as I knew I was going to get a $50 gift card to refresh my house I knew exactly what I wanted. I have three school aged kids and a little guy who has his own backpack loaded with diapers. Most days when everyone gets home the backpacks just get thrown on the floor. Why because my house has no entry way it's just "hi welcome to our house"  so I wanted hooks- something to help me keep at least slightly sane in my own home. Bare wall nothing there- it needs help!!

I also found this amazing piece of artwork (I won't tell you how much I spent because I want you to think it was much more than it really was) to go above it and add a pop of color in the room as well. 

AHHHHH!!!! PEACE OF MIND!!!! I plan to also use the hooks for their pool towels when summer comes- because we live at the pool in the summer and towels are just like bookbags- never put away.  So thanks to Renuzit and a fun trip to Marshalls to buy some much needed "breath of fresh air items" I am so excited for the refresh I received.
The Renuzit brand provided me with a sample of Renuzit Pearls Scents in exchange for a product review. However all the words stated here are mine.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Aveeno Protect and Hydrate lotion Review

I love Aveeno products. They are always what I turn to when I have a new baby because it never fails that for the first few months of their lives their skin is super sensitive. I had always thought of Aveeno as a baby product but I have been given the opportunity to try their product designed for me! I really have dry skin and need a product that lasts on my legs now that summer is coming and I am wearing shorts more often. I really enjoy the lasting effects that the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion had on my legs. I didn't have to reapply after a few hours it lasted all day. I really enjoyed the Protect and Hydrate lotion as well. I used this one on my face when we went to an eight hour outdoors event.  I have extremely sensitive facial skin so I was trying it out to see if I would break out. No breaks out just great protection. I still love the Aveeno product line but I didn't realize I was going to be able to continue to enjoy it even as my kids get older. Thank you Crowdtap and Aveeno for sending me a free product to review. All the words stated here are my own.