Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dial Kids' products #review #giveaway

So excited to get to share the Dial kids line with you. As the mother of four kids I am glad that Dial sees a need for my family to give them some fun products to get to use. The first product is the Dial foaming hand soap. This soap has such a fun smell I enjoy using it myself has a nice watermelon scent and the kids just love it.
I was also given some Dial Baby body wash to use on Javan and it works really nice. This is the perfect product for kids who have sensitive skin and need a gentle body wash. When Javan was a newborn he needed a product with no scent because he kept breaking out with a rash when I would use any lotions or body wash with a scent. I Love this product for that reason because it didn't/doesn't cause break outs. Here was my dilemma- now I LOVE scent on my kids so I was trying to think what I could do and came up with the perfect solution I added a few drops of lavender essential oil to the wash because that is a great oil to use before bedtime and our kids always take night baths so I gave it a light hint of scent and still have a great quality product. So along with my two littles I give both of these products two thumbs up. Don't forget to use the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this page to enter to win a free product coupon. Good luck!
Thank you Dial and Purex Insiders for the samples I got to use so that I could give my readers a real picture of how these products work. All of the opinions stated here are my own. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sweet Tarts Soft and Chewy Ropes #Review

My family would like to tell you a bit about the fun new treat we got to share from Sweet Tarts over Spring Break. The kids were so excited to try a new candy and I was curious as well. My husband loves candy so he was also excited. We were not disappointed we enjoyed these candy ropes and the burst of sweetness that was on the inside. The only problem was we ran out too quickly. My kids are hoping that Sweet Tart adds a few flavor varieties but it will be a guarantee to be back in our house again soon! 

Thank you Smiley360 and Sweet Tarts for the free sample I received. All the words stated here are my own.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Purex Crystals ScentSplash #Giveaway #Review

Whenever I do surveys on laundry they always ask if I like a lot of scent in my laundry and I always answer yes. I just think that if you can smell a great smell after the laundry is done then it actually feels done. If I don't have any scent sometimes I wonder if the clothes are actually clean. So I was super excited to get to try the new fragrance boosters. Karis and I picked which one we hoped was in the box- I wanted to try the green one she wanted the pink one and since Javan's favorite color is blue of course that was the one he wanted. Well he won and we got to try the blue one. The scent boost is very noticable and I really liked it because it did hang out on the clothes when I put them away and then got them out again. I love using scent boosters when I wash clothes to give away or sell because then the people who get the clothes know they are clean! I am excited to smell the other two scents in the store because in all honesty I am not sure this is the scent I would choose- I liked it but it is strong enough you want to make sure you have a scent you almost love before committing :) At least I do. I will highly recommend this product and the last two weeks using it I have enjoyed the smell of my house as I do laundry
Thanks again PurexInsiders and Purex for allowing me to try this product for free. All of the words in this review are mine. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Another Dial Hand Soap Giveaway and Review!

Wow I had a lot of people try to win a coupon for my last giveaway so I am excited to let you know I received three more coupons to giveaway from Dial. This time I got to try the Miracle Oil hand soap. Since I had tried the body wash I knew the smell to expect and I was very happy to get to try the soap. It works really well and has just a fun sweet scent- it's not really a smell I can compare to anything but I do think it smells really nice. I also like the added oil in there which helps my hands not to dry out. So once again I have three coupons. Thanks so much to Purex Insiders and Dial for giving me a sample to try and send me free coupons. All the words said here are my own. 
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