Sunday, April 5, 2015

Another Dial Hand Soap Giveaway and Review!

Wow I had a lot of people try to win a coupon for my last giveaway so I am excited to let you know I received three more coupons to giveaway from Dial. This time I got to try the Miracle Oil hand soap. Since I had tried the body wash I knew the smell to expect and I was very happy to get to try the soap. It works really well and has just a fun sweet scent- it's not really a smell I can compare to anything but I do think it smells really nice. I also like the added oil in there which helps my hands not to dry out. So once again I have three coupons. Thanks so much to Purex Insiders and Dial for giving me a sample to try and send me free coupons. All the words said here are my own. 
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