Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dial turns 65!

I don't know about you but when I grew up I thought there was only one kind of soap in the whole world. My older brother and I were talking about this awhile back and he felt the same way. We grew up with the GOLD Dial bar soap and that was it. It wasn't like my mom looked for lower prices or tried different varieties it was Gold Dial soap and that was it. Now though Dial is turning 65 and I don't even think you can get the gold soap anymore, my dad informed me it is now a pale yellow. But over the last few months I have gotten to try Dial bodywash made with coconut water, the kids have gotten to try two kinds one for the older kids and one for the babies. I have been impressed and I am glad that dial is moving on up so to speak. They are so excited they want to send me five free product coupons so that my readers and I can try out all the new products, so hopefully I will win and then we will get to do this! Stay tuned!

Ok I did win so I have four coupons to give out (one to keep for myself) all you have to do is since I am on vacation this week tell me where you like to spend your vacation. If you have never entered one of my giveaways let me know because I am going to enter your name in twice! Good luck
You could also be the lucky winner of a cool 65,000 dollars now who wouldn't enjoy that??
Good luck!