Wednesday, May 11, 2016

IO Blocks #Review #Tryazon #Guidecraft

My family and I were one of the chosen families that got a chance to play/learn with the IO Blocks. The tub we got had 500 pieces and several building cards that showed us some pre designed projects we could make. It also came with a tracker mat which was pretty cool too. I am going to walk you through how you can build a project on the card it shows you the number of each piece you need, you then (after downloading the app) use the app to find what you are building and point it at the tracker. Then you hit the play button and it unbuilds then rebuilds the project and it looks 3D! The cool thing is being able to move the phone or the tracker to see all angles of what you are trying to build. We got these out the box the first day we got them and didn't move from them for over an hour. The projects can be a bit difficult for the younger kids to make but once my kids realized that they didn't have to build the pictures and just free play, they came up with all sorts of fun ways to use them. The box says 4+ for the age and I would tend to say 3+ because Javan loves them and several of the kids who tried them out were close to four and enjoyed them. I would say though that my 4th grader LOVES LOVES LOVES to try to build all the pages though! My kids' science teacher is going to try it out with several of her classes next week and I think as far as the app goes 3rd grade and up really enjoy it. It takes a lot of brains to use this. Every adult who has handled them as ended up spending at least 20 minutes playing with them which I think is a testament to how great they are. And I am not a teacher but these are supposedly great for the STEM education thing they do at school. Science Technology Engineering and Mathmatics and I have to agree that they do well with all of this!

Thank you Tryazon and Guidecraft for allowing my family to share these blocks with others and just get to know such a great product. I was provided a free sample in exchange for my review all the words here are my own.

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