Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Johnsonville Grillers Review.

This is the second time around that I got to try the Johnsonville grillers. You can check out my previous post here. I was so super excited after trying them last year. They were super easy for me to find in MY grocery store and I got to have the cheddar bacon ones and they were- Ah-maze-ing... SO I was a quite disappointed when I went to my grocery store this year and only found the original ones at my grocery store. I need to discuss this with them! It was also my fault because twice I went out of town and forgot to use my coupon! That being said I liked the texture of these. I love how easy they are to grill and my kids love them. However I was pretty disappointed in the taste of the original- not that they were bad but that the cheddar bacon ones were just OH SO DELISH!!! So I would recommend buying these for your summer grilling pleasure but make sure to try them in a fun flavor- there were several others Swiss cheese and mushroom, and steakhouse onion (that was the flavor I really wanted to try this time!!) I bought them at my grocery store for $5.99 and there are six in a pack. That was the sale price but my store is pretty pricey I would love to know how much these were at Dillons. If anyone wants me to come try a flavor with them this summer just give me a call! 
All the words here are my own, I was given a free sample from Crowdtap and Johnsonville in exchange for my review. 

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