Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Products you never knew you needed but now that you know!!!!! #tryazon, #SOI, and #whoosh

I have a purse that I have actually nicknamed the blackhole. It is deep and it doesn't have many pockets so I lose EVERYTHING in it. So when I got the chance to try #SOI purse lights I was super excited to see how they would work. These little light orbs are so fun. I just throw one in my purse and then whenever I open it up, or put my hand in it it turns on and I can actually see the bottom of my purse! To me one of the coolest things about it is the fact that it takes triple A batteries so it will be able to keep running for a long time. These lights retail for 39 dollars (wow I was not expecting it to be that high!) but are on sale on Amazon.
I was also sent some #WHOOSH tech spray that I was using on cell phones, Ipads and computer screens. This spray comes with it's own little rag to wash the screens off, and does a great job of removing finger prints and helps not pick any new ones up for a while. I think between all the friends' tech I had I cleaned 12 screens over the past few days and everyone was very impressed with how clean they looked when we were done. This product retails (as shown the two different sized bottles and the two towels) for $16 dollars- and after 12 screens cleaned it still looks like it's full so they last a long time.

Thank you to the three companies who allowed me the chance to try these with my friends and family Tryazon, Soi and Whoosh. All the comments here are my own.

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