Tuesday, May 23, 2017

International Delight® One Touch Latte™ #Review

I am a sweet coffee drinker- I never understand those who can drink it black. I was super excited to get to try the one touch latte. It was very easy to find in my grocer's store located with the other refrigerated creamer. There were three flavors to chose from and of course I had to choose the Mocha. The can says that it will make 7 lattes so far I have made four and it still feels pretty full. The product seems kind of like canned whipped cream. I loved the sound it made and how it made the steam rise I really should take a video to show how it sounds. It is very easy to make I just made my coffee (a bit hotter than usual to compensate for how this cools the coffee a bit) and then shake and hold for seven seconds. I thought that it tasted really good especially on the top of the coffee and I really enjoyed how it made my coffee look. I would recommend it and am so excited I got to try it. Thank you Crowdtap and International Delight for the free product coupon. All the words here are my own.    

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