Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tazo Chai products

I was introduced to Chai tea about twelve years ago in California at a place this Kansas gal had never heard of (Starbucks) and I fell in love with it there. Fast forward four kids and having lived in a lot of different places there really hasn't been money for YEARS to buy chai tea outside of products I can bring into my own home. So I am always trying to find new products to bring into my home to try. I had never tried the Tazo brand before but was excited to get a chance from Smiley360. I got to try some of their chai from their tea bags and then also got to try some of their concentrated stuff. I 100% prefer the liquid to the tea bags I just feel I get a stronger/better/sweeter flavor that way. I tried the chocolate latte mix first it was so great because you just put equal halves of milk and the concentrate together and microwave. The flavor is great and I LOVE the way this product is delivered. Oh I also saw in the info I received on them that they have a pumpkin spice flavor for this time of year. I better get me one of those before they are gone too! 

Thank you Smiley360 for sending me this product in exchange for my review. I got some free product and coupons in the mail in exchange for this review that is my words and mine alone. 

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