Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today's mail

Today was another great mail day, actually it was a great fed-ex day because they are the ones that brought the big bag but if you have me on facebook you already saw the chips. I got this package because Frito-Lay is celebrating their Casa Grande they are working on lowering their carbon footprint- and recycle 75% of their water and have reduced their dependency on natural gas by 80%. They also send less than 1% of their waste to a landfill being able to recycle almost everything. I am always leary of these kind of companies and want to know, is this "helping the enviroment" costing me any money as a consumer? But I think they are doing a great job and I will enjoy my free chips!

I have talked about vocalpoint in the past and encouraged readers to sign up, however if you haven't here is a coupon you may want to log on and snatch. I do not know how much this item will cost in the store but am hoping this will be close to free when purchased www.Vocalpoint.com/BeTheFirstCoupon
ok I'm trying to add a picture but it's not working. So they have changed stuff enough I don't knw how to add one. This is a new Vicks product and they want you to be the first to try it. Which means if you are in SW KS they want you to be the first to see if any stores carry it and wonder aimlessly looking for a product that can be hard to find..it does happen I try to save "new product" coupons for trips to Wichita or Topeka.

I also did great today at dollar general- got all sorts of gardening stuff for next year and some toys, also some shoes for all the females in the household, a couple of things that can be used for Christmas and a couple that can be used for baby showers. Did I "need" everything I bought... probably not but I keep updated on our money all month and we are way under budget (not meaning we have to spend more but I knew it was ok to spend 25 bucks) so it was fun but now I HAVE to get to work. kids are sleeping, run is done for the day it is time to get the basement clean!!!

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