Monday, March 18, 2013

Purex detergent plus Fabric Softener with Crystals Fragrance

So seriously my biggest complaint with this new product I got to try is how stinkin long the name is! lol I have gotten so many different kinds of Purex to try in the past few years I am excited to get one that has the fabric softener in it. And this product also has a great smell. The dirt lift claim on the bottle also seems to be doing a great job. Having an almost 3 month old means I have to wash a lot of "blow out" diapers and I have been impressed with how well Purex can handle these tough stains. If you want to enter to win this time just answer this question on the blog or on my fb status. What is your laundry day? Do you have one day you set aside to do laundry or do you do it throughout the week? I used to do laundry every Thursday and I loved it because while I folded (during nap time) I would get to catch up on my tv shows. Now though with poopy stains on an almost daily basis I do laundry on an almost daily basis! There will be three winners I will announce winners on Saturday! Good luck
you can also enter Purex's giveaway to win a free bottle OR 1000 dollars I would love to see one of my readers get to win that prize!

Thanks Purex for sending me a free product to give an honest opinion to my readers and for giving me coupons to share with them!


  1. My laundry day used to be Saturday but now it usually is monday.

  2. I don't have a certain day. Usually when it starts piling up or the kids are out of underwear then I know it's time!!

  3. I do laundry throughout the week.