Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#Tryazon #RoosterFin board game night #Review

Game night! Something the Nordgren family does a lot of. So it is always super fun when a company gives us some to try out for them. These three games are Mohawkz, Lumpy Cubes and Rooster Race. They are all put out by the company Roosterfin I have written reviews for all of them on Amazon which is a great place to pick these games up. I will start with our favorite. Rooster Race- it is basically a high low game with corn pieces that you get to collect if you get the answer right- if you get it wrong you have to put the piece of corn back in the the middle. The whole family loved it and all the moms and dads who played it where the most impressed with this one. One small problem the company should have had more corn pieces we often ran out.

Lumpy Cubes is a speed game. There is a deck of cards and you turn one over and then with your four cubes you have to match what the card says. My kids really liked this game and had a great time playing with adult supervision but it was easy enough they did not have to. 

Mohawkz was my least favorite but the kids really loved this one. It is basically six ping pong balls and there is a cardboard cut out that the player tries to get get their balls to land in. I thought it looked very cheap but the giggles and laughs would probably be worth the 12 dollars selling price.

Thanks again to RoosterFin and Tryazon for giving me a sample of all of these games in exchange for my review. 

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