Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rhodes 60 Second Cinnamon Rolls #Review

Thanks to Tryazon and Rhodes I was able to try some of their new Microwaveable cinnamon rolls with a group of my friends and family. The product comes with six cinnamon rolls in a bag. I found them at Walmart for about $3.50. The directions are easy pull one out of the bag plop it on a plate and then heat it in the microwave for 60 seconds. The transform before your eyes into a very tasty warm treat. Each bag of rolls also comes with individual frosting packets so a person can put on as much or as little of the frosting as they want. I of course put on the whole package. I have always loved the Rhodes brand and their products- they did not disappoint with these cinnamon rolls. I do however believe the people who need to buy these rolls might be more for singles or couples rather than a large family like mine. I think a lot of people could enjoy just putting one in the microwave and eating it and then not having to worry about them going bad because of not eating them fast enough. HOWEVER they are great for my kids when they want to make themselves a treat. My older two kids have no problem making these by themselves and they get a fun treat and I don't have to lift my feet! Only one small problem is they are pretty high in calories, about 260 with all the frosting. But for a fun quick and easy hot treat I would say these are the way to go and I know they will be a staple in our house!

Thank you Rhodes and Tryazon for the free coupons in exchange for me sharing the rolls and sharing my opinion. All the words expressed here at my own.

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