Thursday, September 24, 2015

iHealth products #review

I was so excited to get the opportunity to try out two new iHealth products over the past month. The first one is their new blood pressure cuff which you can link to an app on your iphone or ipad (which is what I used and then take your blood pressure. We had great fun trying this out on everyone in the family. I have since used mine to kind of record my resting pulse compared to my "after I run 4 or more miles" pulse. The cool thing is the app keeps track of all of that for me and I can enter notes such as right after an 8 mile run in there. I was also super excited that I got to try this product out on someone who I knew had an irregular heartbeat and had just been airlifted a week before to a special hospital. His irregular heartbeats were noted on his test results, so if someone has an issue like that this machine can tell you about it. I also love that there is a screen that shows you where you fit on the bp line. Mine was always in the green the picture here is one of my readings.

The scale- well I had a love hate relationship with the scale. I LOVE the fact that it tells me so much about myself- including when I need to drink more water. But I didn't like what it had to say about my body fat % It wasn't very nice! I say that but I know I could use to lose a few pounds and I know that a lot of it is fat related so it's been fun. This machine also syncs to my ipad and keeps a record of how much I weigh- it is amazing how much this fluctuates. I am also able to have multiple users on the machine (up to 20) so they can all keep track of their weight journey. For some reason not as many people I had to my party wanted to try this as they did the BP cuff! I am super excited that I get to keep this scale because I love numbers and like to crunch them and this program allows me to do that. I would highly recommend both of these products to my readers. I have looked into them a bit more and they have an oximeter which we seem to use a lot with Javan in the winter months to see how good his oxygen level is. I SO want this product. I would always test him and then not remember what the results were. With all of these products if you need to talk to your dr about any of them you can just bring your ipad or iphone with you to your appointment and show them exactly what your readings have been. That is the next thing on my wish list!

Thank you Tryazon and IHealth for the chance to try out these two amazing products. I was given them free of charge in exchange for my opinion. All the words expressed here are my own.

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