Tuesday, August 9, 2016

InstaFire #Review #Sponsored

As someone who likes to grill a lot and someone who has a hard time starting a fire I was excited to get the opportunity to try out this new product that was introduced to the world on SharkTank. I got to try out both the products for Tryazon and have to say we really loved the firestarter but got confused on the charcoal starter. Our grill isn't designed like the one in their video so our fire wasn't close enough to coals. However the firestarter stuff (and if you have the right fittings on your charcoal grill are awesome. With the FireStarter you pour it out and then light it- the flame gets several times hotter than a normal wood fire. It also is, get this WATERPROOF!! Waterproof! On the video the guy holds it in his hand and the top is burning but he feels nothing on his hand. I am sorry to say I am unable to try this as it scares me really bad to think about trying it. Then he just dumps it in a bowl of water and it keeps burning (see how good it would be in rainy or snowy conditions?  It also can uphold in windy conditions as well. This product is PERFECT for those who camp a lot and we are saving some for our prepper family members- each bag can start four fires! For the charcoal starter you place the bag under the charcoal grate and just light the fire. It burns and gets the coals ready in just a few minutes.
thank you Tryazon, and InstaFire for allowing me to review your product and for the great free samples to hand out to my friends and family. All the words here are my own. 

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