Monday, May 10, 2010


I don't think I've done a very good job of keeping up with my blog I had been hoping I could do it once a week but that just never seems to happen. On the other hand I've done a great job on keeping up with the house work (minus the living room I used to have a pile that would never get cleaned up now all of a sudden I have room) but I just need to buckle down and do it! Kiah and I almost consistent with doing her "preschool pages" which is one page out of four books she has. And we have read the First of the Laura Ingalls books together one chapter before each nap and started the second. I am caught up on my Bible study, it helps I'm only doing one well I'm still doing two but the new "second one" is a short page and then I journal pray for about ten minutes so it doesn't take as long as the lesson books I had been doing.

I think I've been able to keep the house clean becasue we are still living in that what does our future hold mode? In less than two weeks the school board will finally let us know if Kjell has a job here next year. Which according to all we have heard so far is about a 1 to 2 % chance he does. He's the easy fire since he's not tenured and they would have to tenure him this year if they kept him and they "have to cut at least one more teacher" (when this all started they said they needed to lose 4 and they actually lost 5 already so I'm not understanding their math but whatever!) Kjell is looking at all openings throughout the whole state of Kansas and has heard from one school they had 80 people apply for one job. So it's going to be really hard for him to get hired anywhere else. We are already watching ads in the paper and have settled to the fact we may have to work part time waiter jobs while we wait, what a waste for a guy who is getting his masters this weekend. But I am not a school board member nor do I have a say. but to get rid of a teacher with a masters (we aren't sure how many more are in the district but not many) and someone as passionate about his subject as Kjell is.....well it's just not the choice I would make. But like i said he's the easy out, he's not from atwood and he isn't tenured. Makes life hard to plan. I looked through baby clothes yesterday but I don't know what to do with them, put them in our bedroom in the dresser.... or leave them because the baby will be born and then we head somewhere else.... now from this you probably think Kjell and I are totally stressing but we are actually quite calm I just take one day at a time and they are still moving so extremly fast, and Kjell has lost himself in a couple books by his favorite author so we are doing good.

Last month's surveys were not too profitable, I made 6 whole dollars.... but the end of the month kind of helped I got two tubs of baby wipes to use on Justus to try out and two tubes of toothpasate to try for one week each. Usually I'm super excited about trying things, but this toothpaste is horrible I really can't wait. I will feel totally unfrugal if I don't finish the tube but it seriously looks and smells like diaper rash ointment. and as soon as I'm done brushing my teeth I want to rebrush them there is no minty clean feeling in this toothpaste!

Couple of highlights from my free samples this month was a pack of 5 gum, a coupon for a free bag of sunchips (oh how I have hoarded those away from my family, why oh why is there no off brand of them I can't afford to buy them but i LOOOOOOOOOOOve them), a glade plugin warmer and refill , several magazines and I started getting OK weekly which is like the cheaper version of People so I'm happy I love this magazine but it doesn't take as long to read as people I get a year of that free. another Uniball pen and those are amazing! Ritz munchables, pretzel m&ms (not very good either one would have liked to try the ritz cheedar rather than original. Those were the highlights today was a great day getting three things of shampoo in the same day! I should never have to buy shampoo again at this rate.

Justus is growing like a weed. He has several new words in his vocabulary and one of the kids' favorite things to do is dance all the time... they are so cute and no matter what mood I'm in just watching them dance makes everything better! Kiah has her trike-a-thon this week and had to raise money she shot her goal high 100 dollars we have asked everyone we plan to ask and gotten 85 bucks so dad and mom will pitch in the rest so she can get this backpack! I'm sure it's not worth that much but she did great asking people and getting money. She is super excited. She only has four preschool days left. Mommy is almost more sad about this ending then when it started, only because we LOVE Kiah's preschool and don't really know if she will be back next year. She says we can't move because she'd miss her best friend Clair but she's been talking about a new/different house before Kjell and i were even aware we may have to move.

Kjell get's his masters this weekend. I'm ready for it to be over! I know he's excited and I am too he's worked really hard for this but I'm NOT looking foward to sitting through his hooding and his graduation with two kids on my own one who will not sit and be quiet for anything. Then we head to Topeka for Kjell's brother's grad on Sunday..... let's just say Justus doesn't last ten minutes in church so this weekend (at least the ceremony parts, don't sound like any fun to me!)

I am continuing to workout. I had to take out the cardio workouts I was doing, causing some weird pains and I didn't want to hurt the baby just because I wanted to work out. So I've started using several of the preggo videos I have I got them on ebay for like 5 bucks when I was preggo with Justus and the newest one is like 1994 i hate them with a passion but it's only two days a week and I have enough I should only have to do the same videos a couple of times before the baby comes. I'm serious they are bad, spandex, belts, legwarmers, and smiles the whole workout. I don't care if you are supposed to be "glowing" durning pregnancy NO ONE smiles the whole time for a 45 minute workout! ! anyways that's my update.

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