Saturday, June 19, 2010

Destination in Sight!

Well I really need to write more often! It ends up my blogs get so long no one reads them the whole way (I never see any comments!) :( I can't believe I didn't post that Kjell got a job! He was interviewed in Minneola KS a job he only applied for because it was close to Meade (he wouldn't have applied because it said English/Social Studies teacher) got the interview and then a day and a half later was offered the job! We were very happy but Kjell is still nervous because he will only be teaching one SS class and 3 english classes plus a reading class thrown in there. He hopes he can be as good at teaching English as he feels he is with SS. He will also be head coach of jr high girls basketball and track. We went to Minneola to look at houses TWICE now. We found one we really liked but didn't have any of the money issues covered yet so the day we went back to look at it found out it was under contract. :( very sad after the rest of the houses we saw. Very overpriced for the house we would get. And we really wanted something move in ready, the only one that appeared that way was about 10 feet from the highway and with how much Justus ends up in the street, not a good idea.

Then we found out about a little three bedroom house in Meade. It's the cutest little thing but that was what worried me it was so TINY. I don't know where I could go in that house to hide from my kids! lol but it's very cute. It looks like a mexico adobe house on the outside and on the inside it is very nice. But probably around 900 sq feet is my guess. But we were going to try to make it work for at least the next six months. Then we found out about two more houses. LARGE three bedroom two story houses in our price range (still to rent) and today we get the joy of driving back down to Meade to look at them. Never thought I'd say this but I'm TIRED of going to Meade! :) so I hope this trip we figure out what we want. I'm so excited and can see God's hand in all of this as we will be renting. At first all Kjell and I thought of as a possibility was buying but renting at this point is such a better option for us. Why? because our house in Atwood is still on the market and probably will be for between 1-3 years just the atwood way. Luckily for us it is VERY close to being paid off so yes we will have some expenses while it sits empty but not too many. Hopefully once we can get everything out of here it will be a fast sell. Another reason is we have NO money of any sort at this time to put on a down payment but once the house in Atwood would sell we would have a very good sized down payment. And lastly we never know how Kjell's job will fit him. We hope and pray it is a good fit, the last thing I want to have to do with my children is move them all over I want them to have a fairly stable growing up time. So we hope this all works out.

Update on baby, she is getting huge... or I am I feel like my skin is already stretched as far as it can go but I still have between 6-8 weeks. She likes to move all the time mostly around 11 oclock at night that's when she decides it's time to dance. My ribs hurt like crazy she hasn't kicked them but every time I've been pregnant they have hurt (thanks to Kiah who DID kick them HARD for a very long time) I don't know if there is a fracture in there or what but it only hurts while pregnant I remember after Justus was born the instant relief in that area so I'm just holding out for that. All these trips in cars sure doesn't help, laying down makes the pain go away for the most part.

Kiah is keeping us busy this summer, she is involved in T-ball, swim lessons (for two weeks) a story time and playgroup. We would be home a lot more if it wasn't for her activities! She has been to one tball game and I had to keep telling her to stand up, she was playing in the dirt. When we got home I asked her why she kept playing in the dirt and she told me she had to "it was the best mudpie dirt she had ever found" She also looks like mommy when she bats but it was her first time ever to bat. I guess we need to get a tee at home. As for swim lessons she is taking after both her parents and seems to be a natural in the water (as far as a natural 3 year old can be!) she has been the first one in at lessons every day and loves to go under now. Last year she was terrified of the water so we didn't do lessons. So I'm glad she loves it so much she wants to go everyday.

Justus is getting so big! He loves to "kiss the baby" and show people where the baby is. He also likes to poke my belly button in so I have to be careful because that hurts. He is all boy. And totally enjoying summer. He has learned how to get out of the house and can be gone in nothing flat so we have to keep the door locked. He is learning more words and also loves to swim. His hair went from blonde to beach blonde again this summer.

Kjell and I are busy packing up trying to get this house ready we have already moved two trailers and a pickup load south so that our house would look more sell ready. We won't be moving however until after the baby is born. Right now looks like baby here July 30 move Aug 1st .... yeah we will see how that works out :) We are also watching the world cup. Justus loves to lift his hands over his head and yell goal with us. Kiah wants to know why she isn't on a soccer team... I dont' think we need any more busyness!

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