Thursday, February 23, 2012

Problems already!!!??

I should have known! Of course as soon as I say we are going to give up spending money I mean the very hour after I ask Kjell if this is ok and we decided to go for it, I remember I have a party this weekend. I won another house party and I get to spend my Saturday morning with a lot of little kiddos and their parents learning the "potty dance" guess it is supposed to help with potty training. The packets the parents get are pretty sweet. Each kid get a little blow up guitar and a DVD to learn the dance. Plus coupons for a lot of Huggies pull up products. Anyways I forgot I hadn't gotten food, or napkins/plates for this yet. I so would have gone out and bought them before like the DAY before but I didn't. Then I remembered that some friends had given me their formula coupon checks to sell on ebay and I had earmarked 12 dollars in my paypal account to use for one of my parties. I had planned on minimal snacks (we are talking 18mo -2 1/2 year olds I don't want clean up to take five hours) so I think I can handle it. Then we wanted to charge our camera and after searching for literally five hours we still can not find it, and it's like a flat square only in sony camera's batteries. So we decided we would look for one on amazon (yes from surveys I have over 50 dollars in "gift cards" on my amazon account.) Who knew we could get a cheap one for under five dollars.

I am still trying to figure out how these two events have shown much of a growth or more communication with God (although I was praying hard we would find that dumb battery charger) but I know we still have a lot of days left. I have had fun cleaning out the freezer so far with meals. That too though I am wondering how long it will all last. We have enough but we could be pretty bare when we are done. That is fine some of our food probably needs to be eaten as it has been in our house for a LONG time.

Don't forget to comment on my facebook post with the blog or on here with what you gave up for lent- if nothing just put "nothing" as your comment to enter! I will draw three winners tomorrow afternoon!

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