Friday, May 31, 2013

Old Navy Activewear

I was once again super excited to get the opportunity to try out this year's Old Navy activewear line. My mom and I went to the Salina Old Navy to see what we could round up this time. This was my mother's day present to her. We were very impressed with the bottoms they offered- I found some cute running shorts and mom got a pair of compression capris. I have a couple pairs of those from the other times I have hosted this sample share and I LOVE them. We were surprised by the shirts this year though, guess we learn our fashion fads while we are shopping. We discovered that flow-y is in. The compression tops were few and far between and instead it was a lot of racer back loose fit tops. I thought they were cute but that wasn't what I was in the mood for. I ended up getting a much needed sports bra and the running shorts. While there we also discovered this year's $5 4th of July t's and we were soooo excited they are the distressed fabric. I was so excited, they also had pink ones for the girls. I will try to remember to add a picture of them in their shirts
Photo: yay for free workout clothes!  

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