Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cetaphil product review

So thankful for Crowdtap to let me get to try some of their products and then even better I got to share them with my friends and family.
My very favorite product I got to try were the cleansing cloths- I will admit it I am LAAAAZY when it comes to getting my face clean. I want something super easy and most days I don't wear makeup just because I don't want to wash it off! But with this product it is super easy to just pull one out and use it and then toss it, no waiting for the water to warm up, no suds in the eyes perfect. I also like to use them after I shower after a run just because I always feel even though I've been in the shower my face just still feels dirty deep down so I enjoy just using one of these right after I shower! 
I also got to try the daily facial moisturizer, I haven't actually gotten into a routine with it yet so my opinion is undecided but I enjoyed the few days I did use it. I have SUPER sensitive skin on my face and just about any product will cause a break out but this product added the moisture without adding the excess oil that some products do. Finally I got to try the body wash. 
Now as sensitive as my facial skin is the rest of my body is not so I personally didn't feel like I needed this product (I love a TON of scent and this is not scented but I had a friend who was so happy to get to try some because she says it is the only product that helps against her eczema, so knowing that I would totally recommend the product to people. I also think as a mom I bought expensive (in my mind) unscented baby wash for my youngest because he had really sensitive skin for about three months and then I was left with all this baby product, this is nice because anyone in the family can use it. I was very impressed with Cetaphil's Gentle Power. 

Thanks Crowdtap for letting me have a sample to try, and all I had to do was share my opinion. Which all these words are mine.  

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