Friday, January 30, 2015

Purex Power Shot Detergent Review and Giveaway!

When I was told I was going to get to try this new Purex product I was curious because it sounded like it was nothing I had ever dealt with before so I was really excited to get to try it out. I took a video on my I-Pad so hopefully I will be able to get that to load on here. (I couldn't get that video to load so the next one will not be as impressive since I will have access to both hands!) So the product says Flip.Dose.Done Purex didn't change anything about their laundry detergent they just changed how to get it out of the package! It is the same great Purex products I have grown to love and trust with my clothes only it now comes in a no spill detergent bottle. To use I just flipped it over and and dumped it in the dispenser on my washing machine, as the soap comes out it reloads the chamber to use with my next load of laundry. Throughout the video I was able to hold the tablet and LOAD the machine with detergent, so cool! I am excited to be able to give away three free product coupons to my readers and also if interested I have $1.50 off coupons for people who live close enough for me to not have to mail them. I will be going to Meade and Topeka in the next several weeks so if you are from there or the Abilene area and you don't win a free coupon you have a chance to win one of these.  

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