Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend with the Nordgrens

Well I did not fall off the P90X workout bandwagon. I made it through week one and didn't miss any days. We will see how it goes this upcoming weekend when I will have family in town. After the first week I can say this about the program. HATED the first day, LOVED the second day although it was extremly hard and I had to pause it a couple extra times to catch my breath. Liked the third day. Hated the first 45 minutes of yoga, the second 45 was fine, day five was fine, day six was fun and day 7 was easy (it's a rest or a stretch video I decided to do the stretching so I wouldn't (cross my fingers) be as sore this week?? So anyways not looking forward to tomorrow's workout at all but know I will get through it... and not die then at 4:30 in the after noon I get a massage so that will make everything better!

Well this weekend we stayed in Atwood and missed Jordan's play because the town always does huge festivities on Halloween, (this year it was to be Friday night) well we got like six to 10 inches of snow (it depends on how much the wind was blowing and where) so school got cancelled on Friday it was a really weird snow because by Friday night almost all of the snow was gone because it got that warm. Anyways we went out for Dollar tacos at Park Hill with some friends of ours and then were going to hit the businesses for their specials. (the egg hunt, yes an halloween egg hunt don't ask why I don't know) and costume judging were cancelled but we had been told that the businesses would be open. Wellllll they weren't. Only one was. Where we paid our bill and he had a "no tax day" that's his special so it saved us..... 9 dollars. Then we went around and realized none of the other shops had stayed open. So we summed up our weekend in Atwood instead of in Wichita with my family watching Jordan's play... as we stayed for dollar tacos and nine bucks. We were bummed. But then I realized it was the free movie for kids night at the movie theater and I figured maybe one of us should take Kiah. Kjell said if he went home he's just put Justus in prison (his walker because he can't get into as much when he's in there) and play his computer game. So I got to take Kiah to see Aliens in the Attic. Not quite the cutesy little kid movie I would have liked her to see, I didn't even have time to check out the good the bad and the ugly on movie reviews like I always do.... but it was ok. I was really worried she might get scared but she didn't she sat on my lap for most of it so we got some good cuddling time in too!

Saturday we took the kids out trick or treating. Kiah was a lady bug and Justus was super man in a costume that was too small because I bought it on clearance last year and didn't think he would be so big! They had fun. It was a perfect night for it too. The weather was fabulous and we had just had a snow storm, crazy. No coats for anyone. Then we went home we had a couple. Oh yeah I didn't buy candy this year..... Horrible I know I had planned on making cookies, but never got to it. So we found some Hannah Montana unopened candy braclets and gave those out first. Then we ..... used a bit of Justus's candy... for two people then we went and got the Mcdonalds coupons out of the car and used those! lol..... Kjell said talk about frugal... it wasn't on purpose... We had about six jr high girls... the ones Kjell teaches and I coached. It was funny two of the girls just burst into the house. We heard the doorknob first and then in pops two girls.... lol only jr high kids!

Sunday we went to Colby for half price candy.... well Kjell went for candy I just don't feel too good stuffing my face with candy and then working out kind of feels like an oxymoron... but I bought cookies... yummy yummy 180 calories per cookies cookies. I actually had the will power to break one in half eat it as an afternoon snack and then finish it after supper. And it was fine that way.... wow I'm learning!

Well this week will be crazy. Kjell's parents and two brothers are coming next weekend. We are putting in our new bathtub(FINALLY!) and a new porch on the front of the house. So excited to finally get rid of a bathtub that was so gross when we moved in we thought we'd never use it. So Kjell has been busy doing the demo work on the front concret porch to get it out of the way. It's taken him a long time but he keeps at it.. I've taken a few swings with the sledge hammer.... but not enough to do much damage!

Well that's long enough.. got to get to bed

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  1. We missed you guys Friday night :( Glad the weekend turned out good!